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Discover which are the easiest countries to get laid if you are a female traveler who is looking for a vacation fling on the road.

This post (and series) might be one of the most intimate and open that I have gotten through in my solo female travel blogger career. I think opening spaces for this type of conversation is strictly necessary. I know this series of posts might bring personal details I will use with the highest respect, but I might receive backlash: I am ready.

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In this blog post, I will explore the easiest countries to get laid as a female traveler and why I consider that. As a solo traveler, I had the opportunity to meet many people while traveling: hostels, tours, bars, networking events, and, why not, DATING APPS. Some solo female travel dating interactions have led to getting laid or hooking up while traveling, and it is important to have safe sex if you engage in backpacking sex. Period.

NOTE: Most of these perceptions might be completely biased since I will be talking from my experience. I am a plus-sized woman, which might also trigger some other issues or other ways to experience getting laid while traveling.

The fact that I consider it easy to get laid in a country does not have to do with how good or bad people in a certain place can be, but a lot more with a series of social interactions that lead to that. Also, talking about the country itself as one of the easiest countries to get laid might include getting laid with people who are not originally from that country.

We need to talk about dating apps and some non-dating ones…

romantic couple in one of the easiest countries to get laid

The first question you might have if we talk about the easiest countries to get laid is, where do you usually meet your matches? I will say there is a combination of facts. I started traveling solo in 2013 and downloaded my first dating app in 2014.

There was a year when I was meeting my matches by non-dating apps like Couchsurfing or, let’s call it, organically in places like hostels or tours. Dating apps changed everything, even for traveling itself, because some local advice on traveling around a place can be found there. In general, dating apps have made getting laid in certain places easier.

Which are the easiest countries to get laid?

As I said, this is all based solely on my experience, combining dating apps, non-dating apps, just meeting people around, and considering the trigger that I am a plus-sized Latina woman who can be perceived as different things in different places. Feel free to comment based on your own experiences, places for couples sex travel, or other topics since the main purpose of this post is being able to start a conversation.


couple kissing in Italy, one of the easiest countries to get laid

I am sure that for many, the fact that I am talking about Italy as one of the easiest countries to get laid is not a surprise. Italy, as a country, has that mist of romanticism due to its breathtaking locations. Also, Italian men have that worldwide fame (which I will not discuss) of being supreme lovers and extra flirty.

From the first time I had experienced solo female travel in Italy in 2015, I noticed men were flirty and always trying to get to third base. As you might imagine, I have explored Italy quite a bit, even if it is only to watch Italian Volleyball or explore my favorite city: Perugia, home of the Baci Chocolate Factory and the Eurochocolate. Also, I remember staying in the best place to stay in Rome, which was amazing.

In all my visits, I have been through a series of dates, most of which have ended up getting laid. Also, Italy has some of the best hostels in Europe, and trust me, hostels tend to be natural places for flings to happen.

Why is it one of the easiest countries to get laid in? Because even those interactions that did not get laid, if I did a minimal move differently, would have ended up there. I felt it was the country where 90% of interactions that I had with men would have ended up in bed. Note that I have been building my security or “sex appeal” over the years. It’s not something that has been there always.

Biggest advice to get laid in Italy

Dating apps might be your best friends all around the country, but keep in mind that language barriers might be encountered. It is widely believed that to get laid on a one-night stand does not need to be fluent in a language, but if this is something that makes you feel somehow unsafe is better to keep it in mind. Also, it is pretty easy to have interactions in bars or clubs that might lead to this.

Activities in Italy Where You Can Meet Guys


Bolivar Square - Bogotá, Colombia -

Colombia has developed different types of fame over the last couple of years. Whether you watched Narcos or any other series, we should be clear that Colombia is a lot more than that, and it is a safe country to travel to as a female traveler. Traveling to Colombia alone felt more like an exercise of common sense, and I did not feel unsafe at any moment. We must be clear: Colombian Men will always try to be charming. Yes. Like those that you are watching in series and telenovelas.

They will use their accent as a weapon of mass destruction, but don’t fool yourself: it is only for getting laid, and you should enjoy the moment keeping that in mind and not losing yourself. With all that charm, the proper queues, and that lively air that you will be breathing no matter what city you visit, Colombia is hands down one of the easiest countries to get laid.

Biggest advice to get laid in Colombia

a couple in a house in one of the countries to get laid as a female

Use your gut and common sense. My experience is that -in general- Colombians are kind people, even if their intention is to get laid. If you date someone from a dating app, let someone you trust know the information and try to control the situation. I am sure there are many more chances to have fun rather than something bad happening, but always be careful. Enjoy that Colombia is one of the easiest countries to get laid!

Activities in Colombia Where You Can Meet Guys


Brenda in Bunkart 2, one of the things to do in Tirana and one of the easiest countries to get laid

Maybe this is a shocker, a surprise, or it scares many people due to stereotypes that Albania carries worldwide. First, I will say: DON’T BE SCARED TO VISIT ALBANIA! It is a lovely country with a huge range of landscapes you need to see at least once; from the Albanian Riviera to the beautiful coasts, there are plenty of things to enjoy. There are so many things to do in Tirana, the Albanian capital city and you will find that is truly welcoming from the moment you try dating and non-dating apps.

I found the dating scene in Tirana to be one of the friendliest of all my trips, and that helps make this one of the easiest countries to get laid. I think that if you were visiting only Tirana in one day, you’d be able to connect.

I met guys organically while walking into bars, using apps like Couchsurfing, and also got into dates on dating apps. Most of these dates were fun; I felt valued and respected and had a lot of fun. Albanians might insist if they want to take you out on a date and get laid, but it is also easy.

Biggest advice to get laid in Albania

Use all the apps you can find, and be friendly, but always trust your gut. There are many amazing places where to stay in Tirana, and I always suggest keeping control of this. I felt that -in general- you won’t have many problems with language barriers since most young Albanian men are fluent in English and ALWAYS let someone know about your location and get immersed in the beauties that Albania has to offer and that makes it one of the easiest countries to get laid.

Activities in Albania Where You Can Meet Guys


Brenda in Guatemala, one of the easiest countries to get laid

I am quite sure this might be another surprising one, and note that sometimes might be easier to get laid with foreigners in Guatemala than with locals; let’s evaluate better this situation.

Imagine landscapes like the ones Antigua, Guatemala, or Lake Atitlan have to offer. You met a cute traveler in your hostel who is also traveling alone and doing that same hoke to the volcano with you. Tension is that pub crawl and then the hike might increase. You might get laid on a camping site next to a volcano, and we will not judge you.

This makes Guatemala one of the easiest countries to get laid in the world, and yes, Guatemalan men are also extremely nice and fun to be around. I suggest getting on a Guatemala Solo Female Travel adventure and experiencing it alone.

Biggest advice to get laid in Guatemala

If you are staying in Antigua or Lake Atitlan, sign up for those pub crawls and all the activities. If you are a solo female traveler, you can meet people in general and men with whom you might want to get laid. I also recommend using dating apps and also, non-dating apps.

Activities in Guatemala Where You Can Meet Guys


Baku, Azerbaijan

This is another country you might have not expected here. It is a Muslim country that has acquired a lot of fame due to being huge in oil and also due to international conflicts. I visited Azerbaijan in 2014 when I was 24. I felt it was the easiest place to meet men organically without using any dating or non-dating apps. I also thought that it had a lot to do with their own Muslim beliefs, considering that they knew I was a foreigner and my traditions were distant from that, but getting laid was easy.

Azerbaijan was the country where I lived one of my most shocking experiences while traveling (I promise I will get to this soon!) and made me understand that it wasn’t that bad. You need to be picky about whom you trust, but you can generally have a good time. Trust me; it is one of the easiest countries in the world to get laid, and I totally recommend having an Azerbaijan Solo Female Travel Experience.

Biggest advice for getting laid in Azerbaijan

As I already mentioned, make sure to be picky and use your gut in each situation. Always let someone else know about your location. Azerbaijan is one of the safest places I have ever been, but we should always take security measures.

Activities in Azerbaijan Where You Can Meet Guys

FAQ on the Easiest Countries to Get Laid for Female Travelers

The ease of dating can vary greatly depending on individual preferences, cultural factors, and personal experiences. Some travelers may find countries like Italy, Colombia, or Albania conducive to dating due to their vibrant social scenes and friendly locals. However, it ultimately depends on one’s interactions and comfort level in different cultural contexts.

The perception of Europe’s “best” country to get laid can vary widely depending on personal preferences, experiences, and cultural factors. Italy is often cited for its romantic atmosphere and flirtatious culture, while other countries like Spain, Greece, or the Netherlands also have vibrant nightlife scenes conducive to casual encounters. Ultimately, the “best” country for getting laid in Europe will depend on individual preferences and experiences.

Tips on visiting the easiest countries to get laid

Couple intimate in one of the easiest countries to get laid

As has been mentioned all over, trust your guts and instincts. Set your boundaries and keep yourself safe whenever you need it, but don’t hold yourself for doing things you wanna do. As solo female travelers, we should not be judged for making adult decisions on whom we go to bed with. A fundamental part of traveling is getting to know its country’s people, and if you wanna meet them getting laid, do it!

Keep in mind: Before traveling, visit Planned Parenthood or its equivalent if you are planning to be sexually active. Always bring contraceptives (condoms) with you no matter where you are traveling to. Enjoy visiting the easiest countries to get laid, but keep it safe!

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Discover which are the easiest countries to get laid if you are a female traveler who is looking for a vacation fling on the road.

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