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Have you wondered how to explore Italy watching the best volleyball league in the world? Here some tips including a map to plan your route.

Everyone knows, as a fact, that I love Volleyball. Following this sport has been a motivation to travel. I used to practice it when I was younger, and I grew up following Volleyball in Italy and worldwide. One of my biggest dreams was to watch an Italian Volleyball match live. In 2015, I was finally able to make it happen.

In 2017, I went to my second CEV Men’s Champions League Final Four (I went to the CEV Women’s Champions League Final in Baku, Azerbaijan, in 2014). Based on this love, I created this guide for fans willing to watch Volleyball in Italy. It doesn’t matter if you want to visit Italy in Winter or summer, there is always something happening when it comes to sports. In 2018, the FIVB Men’s World Championship took place in different cities around Italy. This is a list of places to see if you want to explore Italian Volleyball or pallavolo, the Italian word for Volleyball. Let’s explore Volleyball in Italy!

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To watch Volleyball in Italy, arrive either in Milan or Rome

Fontana di Trevi - Rome, Italy -

Stop in Rome, and take a selfie like this one.

If you’re flying from the United States, the best airports to arrive in Italy are Milan-MXP or Rome-FCO. Analyzing prices in Skyscanner, you will find great deals on flying to Italy from major national airports. The ones with the best deals to arrive at are these two.

Flixbus is your best friend to watch Italian Volleyball.

Flixbus -

Although many people will tell you to explore Italy on a train, I will tell you to use buses. I’m a massive fan of Flixbus, and I prefer to travel in one of their buses rather than trains. Rome and Florence are hubs of most of their primary routes. Starting at 5€, you can explore many cities and watch Italian Volleyball around the country. I love traveling overnight on these buses. It means you’ll save a night of paying for lodging while getting somewhere different. Flixbus takes you to all the cities to watch Volleyball in Italy.

Volleyball in Italy: Rome

PalaLottomattica - Italian Volleyball - CEV Champions League Final Four 2017 -


Even though Rome does not have a team, most of the significant events in Italian Volleyball take place in that city. And how will you miss visiting Rome for four days when it has so much to offer?

If you go to Rome, either for Volleyball or just because you want to explore the city, one of our biggest recommendations is to take one of the best Rome food tours or any unique tours in Rome you can find available. Trust me, taking these tours might be the best way to explore this city.

Remember also that Rome is a family destination and there are plenty of things to do in Rome with kids beyond taking them to watch some Italian volleyball. Make sure to find the best place to stay in Rome for your need and to watch volleyball.

In 2017 CEV Men’s Champions League Final Four took place in the PalaSport.

In 2018, the FIVB Men’s World Championship Pool A opening day took place in one of the most iconic places: Foro Italico.

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Italian Volleyball in Perugia

PalaEvangelisti - Perugia, Italy - Italian Volleyball -

PalaBarton (former PalaEvangelisti)

If you have followed me for a few, you know that Sir Safety Perugia is my favorite team. I have already been to Perugia four times, which is also my favorite place in Italy. I visited and recommended the Baci Chocolate Factory and the Eurochocolate festival in October. If you are visiting Perugia just for the love of Volleyball in Italy, you’ll need to go to the PalaBarton and watch Perugia playing. This team was vice-champion of Europe in 2017, champions of the Coppa Italia in 2018, and the Italian SuperCup in 2017, 2019, and 2020.

Perugia is just two hours away from Rome by Flixbus. The Flixbus stop is right next to the PalaBarton.

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Galleria Vittorio Emanuele - Milan Italy -

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, because Milan is not precisely a volleyball city

As I mentioned before, Milan is one of the places you should arrive if you’re visiting from the US. Milan Voley is not a massive contender in the Italian Men’s Volleyball League. If you have the chance to see the city, watching a match could be a good plan.

The great thing about Milan is that it is relatively close to one of the major cities for Women’s Volleyball: Bergamo. During the 2020-2021 Season, we Puerto Ricans had two National Team members being part of the team: setter Natalia Valentín and spiker Stephanie Enright.

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Volleyball in Italy: Bologna + Modena

Palapanini - Modena - Italian Volleyball -

Palapanini – Home of Modena Volley

The towns in Emilia Romagna are all Italian volleyball capitals. Modena is the team with the most championships in the Italian league. Visiting Modena during volleyball season requires going to the PalaPanini to watch Modena Volley playing.

Bologna and its Unipol Arena have hosted several times different volleyball events. Bologna is a vibrant city, and even if you visit Modena for Volleyball, you should see it, or the other way around: Make sure to include it if you’re discovering Bologna.

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Italian Volleyball in Florence

Florence, Italy -

Santa Croce, Florence, Italy

Florence is not an Italian volleyball city, but there are many things to do in Florence. Also, traveling in Tuscany, which is a region that is rich on variety and also, people tend to love if for its wine, might be a great idea.

They also have a Women’s team that maybe, you should watch them playing if Florence is a must on your trip.

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Volleyball in Italy: Trento

PalaTrento - Trento, Italy -


Trento is one of the most iconic teams in Italy. If you’re visiting Northern Italy, seeing the Trentino Volley playing on the PalaTrento is a must.

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Italian Volleyball: Civitanova Marche

Eurosuole Forum - Civitanova Marche -

Eurosuole Forum, Civitanova Marche – Pic from Immagini Dal Alto Facebook

If you look for places to go in Italy, this place in Macerata might not even be listed. Civitanova Marche is a coastal city on the Adriatic side of Italy. If you are looking for iconic places to go in the name of Volleyball in Italy, Civitanova Marche should be on your list.

The EuroSuole Forum in Civitanova is the home court of the Lube Volley club. Lube was the Italian League Scudetto Champion in 2017 and 2019. This team has a vast tradition in the sport. If you get the chance, you should visit their home court.

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Which route to take if I want to watch Italian Volleyball?

If you want to watch Italian Volleyball, I suggest visiting one of the towns included on the map once you arrive in Rome or Milan. You should visit Perugia, Modena, Trento, or Civitanova Marche in case you want to see matches in the Italian Volleyball League. On the map, you can find a route that you can take either from Rome or Milan.

The map also contains some options if you are looking for women’s volleyball action. My suggestions for women’s Volleyball are visiting Bergamo, Conegliano(Treviso), Busto Arsizio, and Novara.

This guide was created to help you if you are looking forward to watching Italian volleyball. I hope this guide helps you visit Italy while exploring Volleyball in Italy!

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This guide is designed to help Italian volleyball fans willing to visit and watch volleyball in Italy. Maps with routes included.

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