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Traveleira is a blog dedicated to travel tips and chronicles I have lived while traveling. I am a female solo traveler who is always looking forward to make the most of her budget. Definitely, the main focus of this blog is to highlight the best solo female travel, budget travel, and travel hacking tips.

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I want to show the world that becoming a traveler is not such a hard thing. It all began when a professor told me that I should dedicate myself to write travel chronicles. I didn't really know what it was all about but since I started to read more, I have noticed that travel is a literary genre by its own.

I discovered I enjoy too much my time traveling as a female solo traveler and that I was constantly looking how to budget travel. By doing those two things, I was able to actually develop different workshops and products to help others to achieve their travel dreams. I believe that people should always follow their dreams, and if I have some knowledge that could help us achieve them, then I should stand for it. I also want to be an inspiration for girls to understand that female solo travel is not as crazy as they have made us believe so far. That we are capable of doing it.

Fortunately, I have also had the opportunity to be featured by different media outlets and also, by fellow solo female travel bloggers since I have started this blog. Some of the most important have been Huffington Post and Expert Flyer. These have been great achievements in my Traveling and Blogging careers. These platforms have been really important to keep on promoting female solo travel and budget travel reaching different audiences.

This is me

Brenda -

I am Brenda, born and raised in Puerto Rico in year 1989. The fact that the Berlin Wall was shut down the same year was a hint that the world was changing. I'm sure that's why my generation and me can travel a lot more easier. I have a Bachelors degree in Foreign Languages (Italian and Portuguese. Yes, I can speak both) and Spanish Studies from the University of Puerto Rico, place where my passion for traveling begun.

On my last year of college, a professor asked me: Why don't you become a Travel Writer? I didn't have a clue how you become one. So, after her words stayed forever in my mind, I started Traveleira. It has been a journey of a long time but finally, this has become the place I've dreamed it would become. I'm not yet sure if I became the travel writer.

Another things I do on my spare time are reading (I'm a literature lover!) Listen to music (Don't ask for my musical tastes, they might be weird. Watch sports and write about them (I'm a Volleyball Blogger at Volleyball Connection) and other girly stuff like finding which make up brand is my favorite.

Hope you enjoy this blog and all it's information on female solo travel and budget travel. If you would like to collaborate or work with me, find me on

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