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We call out some colleagues to find out some of the best vacations for single guys and the top vacation spots for them.

As a solo female traveler, I have always given tips on how to move around as a single girl, which are the easiest countries to get laid as a solo traveler, hooking up while traveling, backpacking sex, and tips on the safest cities in Europe for solo female travelers. If there was something hard for me to translate as a solo female, it is “How could I give some of these tips to solo male travelers?”

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I decided to call out some colleagues to help me with these tips. I made a round-up with solo male travelers (and some girls with their significant others) to find the best vacations for single guys. Some colleagues recommend these places if you are planning your next solo adventure and maybe trying to find the best vacations for single guys to get laid. Let’s check out these travel destinations for single men!

Bali, Indonesia

[Kieren | Bali Untold]

A group of friends on a beach in Bali

Bali is one of the safest and easiest places for the best vacations for single guys. The locals are very welcoming, and there are many opportunities to meet fellow travelers through hostels, bars, tours, classes, workshops, and more.

As someone who has traveled solo across the island, I can highlight Canggu as one of the best places in Bali to build new friendships. Frequent events will help you connect with other travelers and nomads with similar interests, whether fitness, eating out, or personal growth.

If you prefer a lively scene, Gili T is a partygoer island just a ferry ride from mainland Bali. Here, you’ll find an abundance of hostels and backpacker bars where it’s easy to mingle with other single travelers. The hostels here usually host family dinners and group tours to encourage friendships.

Traveling solo is a great chance to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. And there’s no better place to do this than in Bali. The island is teeming with new experiences, whether taking your first yoga class, enrolling in a diving course, or participating in a craft workshop. There are ample opportunities to learn new skills and make new friends simultaneously.

If you’re having trouble connecting in person, there are many ways to make friends online. Bali has Facebook groups, Whatsapp chats, and online communities (such as that can help you make connections before landing!

Bangkok, Thailand

[Nicholas | The World Overload]

A guy looking at the view in Bangkok, Thailand

In Thailand, the city of Bangkok is hands down probably the place to go for the best vacations for single guys. As an international hub in Asia, you will meet other singles and groups visiting from all over the world. It’s also a cheap destination with plenty to do with food, culture, nightlife, and spirituality. You can spend weeks here if you choose without breaking your wallet.

Traveling solo, especially to another country, will always be great. It gets you out of your comfort zone and into the adventure life. Your schedule is what you make of it. Choose other activities aside from sightseeing, like a group cooking class or participate in a spiritual ceremony with monks. Choose an itinerary to see and do whatever you want (within reason). Just put yourself out there to gain new experiences and make friends, even during your time in Bangkok.

I came a day early before a tour and made friends with 2 South Africans just because we arrived at a bar simultaneously. We hung out for the nights, sharing stories and rounds and enjoying the city nightlife on Khao San Road, where all the backpackers hang out.

One advice is always to be aware of the customs and normal etiquette of where you will be. Too many travelers these days feel they are entitled to certain privileges and end up causing international incidents that could potentially ruin things for the rest of us. Don’t ruin it for everyone else. Be polite and respectful in Bangkok; you will have a blast here.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

[Chris |]

Buildings and boats in Amsterdam

For a single, solo-traveling man, many European cities can be fun vacation spots for single guys. And perhaps nowhere exemplifies this more than Amsterdam. The Dutch capital city has everything from historic buildings to fascinating museums to epic nightlife. There is something for everyone in Amsterdam, and no one walks away, let down by the city.

For single men, joining an organized pub crawl around the city at night is fun. They run every night, as Amsterdam is a party city 7-days a week, and numerous companies offer them. It’s a great way to meet other singles and people traveling alone.

One of the more popular pub crawls takes you through some crowded bars in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. However, other pub crawls don’t involve the world’s most famous adult playground.

During the daylight hours, you’ll have a marvelous time walking around the city alone, with no one to slow you down. Set out on a self-guided walking tour along the historic canals, being sure to stop by Dam Square, the Anne Frank House, and Museumplein, among other beautiful spots. Or better yet, rent a bike and cycle like a local!

Another great way to meet people when traveling as a single man in Amsterdam is to stop by one of the city’s many quiet, laid-back craft beer bars, such as Proeflokaal Arendsnest or the Beer Temple. Whatever you choose to do with your time in Amsterdam, you certainly won’t be disappointed!

Phuket, Thailand

[Sean | TravelThailandTogether]

A colorful sign during the night in Phuket

Phuket in Thailand is a goldmine for single guys looking for an exciting social scene. The island’s vibrant nightlife, friendly locals, and fellow tourists create a laid-back atmosphere for making new friends and potential dates.

If meeting new people is high on your agenda, Patong Beach’s Bangla Road is your go-to. It’s the heart of Phuket’s night scene with a lively mix of bars, clubs, and beach parties, making it easy to converse with locals and other travelers. The area is filled with backpacker hostels with solo travelers eager to make friends and go out.

The Thai people are known for their friendliness, which extends to their interactions with tourists. This welcoming nature can make socializing and dating more comfortable and enjoyable. The language barrier isn’t as daunting as expected, as English is commonly spoken in Thailand, especially in tourist areas.

Meeting people doesn’t just happen during the night in Phuket. During the day, group activities such as diving trips, island hopping, or cooking classes are great ways to meet other travelers. The island is full of activities that attract a diverse crowd, so you’ll inevitably meet some people with like-minded interests.

Marbella, Spain

[Charlie | Everything Marbella]

Two guys smiling at the camera in Marbella

Marbella, situated on Spain’s Costa del Sol, is an ideal vacation spot for solo male travelers seeking relaxation, adventure, and social interaction. Beyond its luxury and celebrity glamor reputation, Marbella offers a lively party scene, particularly in Puerto Banús, where beach clubs, bars, and nightclubs buzz with activity and world-class DJs. It’s a great place to dance the night away and meet fellow singles.

There are also a lot of activities that singles can participate in to meet other people, from hiking groups that regularly hit the countless mountain trails to scuba diving clubs where everyone gets together post-dive for a drink (or two) to decompress.

Having lived here for over 20 years, I can confirm that the city’s reputation as a hub for outgoing people who love to get together is well-earned. The social scene is a big draw, blending cultures and endless opportunities to meet others. Whether on the beach or in a nightclub, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with new people. 

Solo travel is a liberating experience, allowing you to make choices and gain confidence. Marbella embodies this spirit, enabling solo adventurers to enjoy their independence while providing a friendly environment for meeting others.

The key to a fulfilling trip for solo male travelers is to remain open-minded and proactive. You will meet other singles here in Marbella, especially in the busy summer months, but it’s about making things happen for yourself rather than waiting for them to come to you.

Go for that drink, buy a ticket to that party, say ‘hello’ to that person…

English Harbor, Antigua & Barbuda

[Sara and Carl | Big Adventures with Little Feet]

The Antigua Yatch Club in English Harbor during the night

If you want to travel solo and meet new people for the best vacations for single guys, I’d highly recommend heading to Antigua, especially if you’re into sailing and other water sports. I’ve lived in English Harbour in Antigua (the mecca for sailing in the Caribbean) for the last three winters.

There are a lot of solo travelers in English Harbour, mainly because it has a constant flow of yacht crew coming and going, and most of them are looking to meet new people. Also, Antiguans are amazingly friendly towards solo travelers, and you’ll find that if you spend time in some of the local bars, you’ll quickly start making new friends.

Through my job, I’ve done a lot of solo traveling. I’ll often work with an owner and their family onboard their yacht, and when we’re ashore, I’ll go off exploring on my own. I’m happy in my company; however, sometimes it’s nice to make new friends and initiate conversation.

The best advice I can give is “Don’t judge a book by its cover” when meeting new people. You’ll sometimes meet the coolest new friends simply by being open to being approached and chatting with them.

And it’s all about being in the right place to meet new people. I often head to a pool bar when I get into a port, wait for a table to open up, and then offer to play for the table. If you sail, you can make new friends by crewing on yachts, particularly during some race weeks.

Bourbon Trail, Kentucky, USA

[Mike & Sara | Our Campfire Unplugged]

Whiskey display on the bourbon trail

Traveling Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail is a one-of-a-kind sensory overload experience and could make one of the best vacations for single guys. From the fantastic aromas of the sour mash cooking to the endless flavors dancing around your mouth while tasting fine Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey!

Solo travelers have several options when exploring Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail! Don’t worry, you won’t be drinking alone!

Kentucky welcomes visitors from all over the world to explore the Bourbon Trail. Bourbon brings people together!

As a Kentucky native, I’ve traveled the trail solo and with friends. Both are fun ways to experience the trail. When I visit distilleries alone, I’m quickly paired with an existing tour group. Everyone on the tour becomes instant friends, sharing knowledge and stories of Kentucky Bourbon. 

I was the only member on a recent Kentucky Artisan’s Distillery tour. I received the high-end white glove tour. Instead of a quick run-through, I had the tour guide’s undivided attention and had the chance to get all my questions answered.

As the bourbon industry has grown, Kentucky is home to 95 distilleries and 11.4 million barrels of bourbon, so that you can join a full-day tour. 

My favorite distilleries are Makers Mark and Woodford Reserve. The halls are decked for Christmas at Makers Mark. The historical buildings at Woodford Reserve are gorgeous.

As a Kentucky native, I recommend joining a professional tour like Mint Julep Tours, Kentucky Bourbon Boys, or Travel the Trail. These tour guides handle all the details, like booking your tour at the distillery, lunch, and, most importantly, driving! Tours typically start at a central location in downtown Louisville, like the Marriott or Galt House


[Sally | Sally Sees]

A Boat in the sea in Belize

Traveling solo can be lonely, but Belize is a great destination for solo guys looking to meet other travelers, guys, or girls.

Because it is such a small country, travelers are usually clustered in a few popular locations, like Caye Caulker, Ambergris Caye, and San Ignacio. There is a fun and social vibe in all these places, and while Belize doesn’t have a huge party or nightclub scene, there’s always something fun going on and great hostels, too.

Chances are, if you make friends in one location, you’ll meet them again a few days later somewhere else!

 Many of the best things to do in Belize can only be done via an organized tour. Activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, trekking inside caves, or ziplining have to be done with a tour operator, which means single guys will meet other travel companions and won’t have to do things alone if they don’t want to. It also means there aren’t any increased costs to being solo, as most things are priced per person.

 One of the best things for guys to include on their Belize itinerary is an overnight sailing trip from Caye Caulker. Three days sailing through the Belize Barrier Reef, snorkeling on pristine coral reefs, spearfishing, and camping on remote cayes with many new friends? It’s guaranteed to be a highlight of your solo trip to Belize!

Milan, Italy

[Kenny | Knycx Journeying]

Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele in Milano

Located in Northern Lombardy, Milan is a global capital of fashion and design with a rich history. While Milan was built for centuries, the city layout is very easy to navigate, and it is also very walkable. Even if you do not want to walk, Milan has a wide range of bike-sharing and scooter-sharing available for single travelers to easily navigate and explore several spots in the city within a day.

Milan is filled with iconic landmarks and attractions. They are very close to one another – Duomo di Milano, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, and Pinacoteca di Brera are all located within the city’s historic quarter. Therefore, solo travelers will not get bored admiring the magnificent architecture and the dramatic skyline on the roof of the stunning cathedral.

A solo trip to Milan is also a wonderful opportunity for art lovers to appreciate world-famous art pieces at your own pace. The Last Supper is showcased at the Last Supper Museum next to Santa Maria delle Grazie; for contemporary art, a visit to Fondazione Prada is a fulfilling experience, with both temporary and permanent artworks of celebrated artists like Jeff Koons.

Traveling solo in Milan is generally safe. Take the usual precautions, and feel free to explore the avenues and streets from Via Monte Napoleone to Via Brera. Enjoy shopping for various fashion brands, or sit down at one of the outdoor cafés, meet with other fellow travelers, and share your experience and ideas for your trip.

Cartagena, Colombia

[Adam |]

A rooftop in Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia, is one of the best vacations for single guys. It has a vibrant culture, fun nightlife, and year-round beach weather. If you’re single and looking to mingle, it is also popular with many female travelers from around the world, not to mention is home to some of Colombia’s most beautiful women. That all easily makes it one of the best vacations for single guys.

There is quite a bit to do in Cartagena, but an absolute must is exploring the Walled City, or Centro Histórico, and neighboring Getsemaní, where you’ll find many of the best restaurants and cafes nestled in old colonial buildings along narrow streets. These historic districts are also where you’ll find the best Cartagena nightlife.

They are also the best areas where most of the city’s hostels are. Staying in a hostel as a single guy traveling can be a great way to meet others easily, and there is a range of hostels, from cheaper backpacker hostels to higher-end boutique hostels that offer private rooms. These historic districts have plenty of hotel and AirBnB options at all prices.

Getting out to the nearby Rosario Islands is also a must and can be done via day tours or spending the night at one of the resorts or eco-lodges. If you make a few friends, a private boat rental can be fun and a great way to explore the islands. Finally, enjoy a drink with the view from the rooftop bar at Hotel Movich, the best view in the city.

Goa, India

[Abhishek | Misfit Wanderers]

Beaches in Goa, India

When it’s time to choose a destination, the best vacations for single guys looking for fun in the sun, good company, and new adventures, it’s hard to beat Goa, India. As soon as you arrive, you’ll feel the laidback, friendly vibe that makes Goa a welcoming place for solo travelers. The stunning beaches are dotted with beach shacks serving up cold beers, delicious fresh seafood, and new friends from around the globe.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in lively conversations for hours, whether discussing spirituality and meditation with some free-spirited travelers. Furthermore, your stresses and worries disappear as you take long, leisurely walks along Anjuna, Vagator, or Palolem beach shores. The sea breeze whispers exciting promises of adventure, freedom, and new

During the day, there’s no better place to meet fellow adventure seekers than at the beachfront water sports centers. Share a jet ski or split a parasailing adventure with a new friend you just met. If you want to expand your social circle, join one of the beach volleyball games always happening. All are welcome, and you’ll be working up a sweat and bonding with your teammates in no time.

Nighttime is when Goa comes alive, so be ready to dance the night away at open-air trance parties and beach raves. Let your new friends know you’re traveling solo – they’ll happily adopt you into their crew. And if you’re hoping for a romantic rendezvous, chat with locals or tourists at beachfront bars and cafes. Flirtatious energy abounds in Goa, especially for easygoing, fun-loving single guys like yourself!

Traveling solo allows you the freedom to create your adventures. But an important piece of advice? Put down your phone and open yourself up to spontaneous invitations and conversations. Being approachable and living in the moment will lead to exciting new friendships and heart-stirring experiences. By the end of your time in Goa, you’ll have unbreakable bonds, vibrant memories, and a new lust for life that will stay with you long after your tan fades.

Barcelona, Spain

[Timon |]

Plaça Reial in the evening

Traveling solo can be daunting, but choosing the right destination makes a huge difference. As a guy who loves to travel alone, I’ve found that Spain, especially Barcelona, is perfect for solo trips.

Even if you’re content with hanging out alone in Barcelona, you’ll find many ways to meet people and have fun. The city has many communities that help solo travelers connect with expats and other travelers for language exchanges, pub crawls, and even sporting activities like volleyball on the beach. So, while you’re sorting out the best airline to fly to Spain, it is also worth checking out some Barcelona Facebook groups. They’ve got all the latest info on what’s happening around the city.

Barcelona also has some great nightlife too. If you’re visiting in summer, check out Plaça Reial. It’s where the younger crowd hangs out, especially around the fountain, and there is a very laid-back and chilled atmosphere. There are bars on the square, so its a great place to meet people and maybe grab a drink with a new friend. You could also try a guided pub crawl. These groups are often filled with couples and singles, and as you explore the city and enjoy drinks together, you can make some new travel buddies that you can meet up with again during your stay.

Traveling solo can sometimes be intimidating, especially when you’re in a new city and wandering around at night. Still, when you stick to the busy tourist areas, you’ll feel safer and bump into loads of other travelers looking for a good time.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

[Anthony |]

La Boca in Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina isn’t called the “Paris of South America” in vain. A European vibe mixes with its Latin flair, showing in its baroque architecture and the face of the Porteños – as its inhabitants are called.

The Porteños differ from the Parisians in their friendliness, which hasn’t been abated by decades of economic recession. Argentines are open and talkative; many could readily invite foreigners to a drink, a party, or at least to share a mate, their traditional infusion drink.

Hostels are often a good place to make travel buddies. If you’re looking into making connections during your trip, ensure your accommodation provides cool common spaces where people want to chill. Online reviews give a good idea of what to expect in that respect.

Another way to make connections in Buenos Aires, either friendly or romantic, is to hang out in the city’s many bars and clubs. Each neighborhood has its own identity and attracts different types of people. Find the barrio that matches your style, be open, and you’re sure to meet like-minded individuals. As a pointer, Palermo is trendy, San Telmo is Boheme, Almagro is local, and Flores is too far.

Unlike other European capital cities, Buenos Aires is also charmingly safe. Going out alone is fine, even at night, provided you stick to busy areas. As a rule of thumb, turn back if a street is empty. You should also avoid some “spicy” neighborhoods, like La Boca (outside Caminito) and the city’s Northern outskirts.

As South American travel specialists, we provide insightful tips and recommended destinations for your backpacking trip to Argentina.

Utah, USA

[Tara | Tour Guide Tara]

Arches in Utah

I never thought I would have such strong feelings about the state of Utah. Still, I am encouraging solo travelers, specifically male travelers, to put it on their shortlist for future trips and take their best vacations for single guys.

Utah is a fairly big state, so let’s focus on its national parks and the areas surrounding those parks. If you enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities, a road trip through the Big 5 is necessary. This includes Arches National Park, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, and Zion.

If you choose, it is the perfect opportunity to connect with nature and your fellow man. If seeking seclusion, you can certainly find it within Capitol Reef National Park’s trails or in the depths of a slot canyon like Little Wild Horse.

Moab, home to Arches, is a vibrant town full of locals and travelers with similar interests in hiking and nature. Chat up a new friend or an active lady at Moab Brewery. You may find a new hiking buddy. I did that myself, befriending one of the Spanish Valley Vineyard & Winery staff. Before I knew it, I was picking her up for a sunrise hike the next morning.

The key as any solo traveler, male or female, is to connect genuinely with others on things you have in common. Utah is ripe with other outdoors enthusiasts, making it easy to do just that.

Seville, Spain

[Chris and Eleanor | Elevate Your Scapes]

Alcazar in Seville, Spain

Seville is a place for the best vacations for single guys. The city is bustling, has good nightlife, is easy to get to, and has many other singles.

The city has a rich history with lots to see. In the historic center, the Cathedral of Seville and the Alcazar, a royal palace with exquisite gardens, are among the most popular. The Plaza de España offers a picturesque setting with its stunning architecture and a canal. Nearby, Maria Luisa Park is a peaceful retreat in the city’s heart.

Seville has many winding, narrow, cobblestone streets with charming cafes, tapas bars, and local markets. Meeting others while dining over tapas and wine in the evening is easy.

As a single traveler, Seville’s friendly and welcoming atmosphere ensures you’ll find opportunities to connect with locals and fellow travelers alike. To meet people, you can join walking tours, pub crawls, cooking classes, or other meet-ups to make new connections. Many travelers follow the same route around Spain from Madrid to Seville, Granada, and Malaga. You can travel together or with those you’ve met in other cities.

I like to travel solo because I can stay on my schedule. Traveling solo doesn’t mean you’ll always be alone – get out there and meet others!

Mexico City, Mexico

[Robin | Let’s Travel To Mexico City]

Robin overseeing Mexico City

Mexico City is a destination for the best vacations for single guys. The city has a bustling nightlife and plenty of cultural activities, and here it’s easy to meet people if you want to.

The best neighborhood for a solo traveler to stay in is Roma Norte, which has a central location, is safe, and has a great selection of restaurants and bars. Depending on your budget, you can stay in a hostel, my favorite way to meet other travelers and stay social, or rent an apartment or a room.

If you’re in for a date, check out Bumble or Badoo; Tinder also works. Another good way to meet people is by joining one of the expat Facebook groups – Expats in Mexico is one of the biggest. You can just pop a message that you’re looking for people wanting to go sightseeing together, go on a day trip to Teotihuacan or Xochimilco, or go out.

Apart from going out, I highly recommend attending a lucha libre show in Mexico City. You can either just show up or book a tour with tacos and some drinks if you would rather do it in a group.

A Solo Cruise

[Karen | Forever Karen]

A pool in a cruise ship

Cruising isn’t just for couples and families; it’s for singles and solo travelers, too. While cruise lines charge a double occupancy rate on their staterooms, Norwegian, Holland America, Cunard, Royal Caribbean, and Celebrity Cruises have studio or solo cabins, allowing you to forego the single supplement.

Solo cruising isn’t the best option for introverts. But, if you’re outgoing and want to meet other single travelers, the cruise lines host solo and single events. You can connect with others, make dinner plans, and plan shore excursions together by attending an event or two. Major cruise lines also host LGBTQ meet-ups.

The Caribbean and Mexican Riviera are great options for single males. While these destinations tend to attract younger adults, you will find a mix of age groups.

Traveling alone can be a great experience. Being on a cruise ship gives you a controlled environment that’s safe and fun. Onboard, the activities and entertainment never end. All cruise ships have gyms, casinos, basketball courts, and pools to enjoy on sea days.

You’ll have many dining options, from a casual buffet to tantalizing specialty restaurant choices. You can change your plans each day; dining alone or sitting with others.

With multiple bars and lounges, you’ll have a chance to meet other singles. Sometimes, those meetings lead to partnerships, marriage, or long-term friendships. These are some of the best vacations for single guys, hands down.

FAQ on Vacation Spots for Single Men

The ideal destination for a single guy to go on vacation largely depends on personal preferences. Still, some top recommendations include Bali for its communal vibes, Bangkok for cultural diversity, and Marbella for its glamorous nightlife. Each destination offers unique experiences catering to solo male travelers seeking adventure and connection.

Bangkok, Thailand, stands out as an international hub with diverse cultures, vibrant city life, and ample opportunities for group activities. Other notable destinations include Amsterdam, Netherlands, for its pub crawls and cultural bliss, and Cartagena, Colombia, known for its romantic vibes and vibrant nightlife. These places provide enriching experiences for solo male travelers.

Bali, Indonesia, is the best vacation spot for singles, particularly in Canggu and Gili T. The destination encourages personal growth through activities like yoga and diving courses, fostering connections in a welcoming community. Additionally, destinations like Barcelona, Spain, and Belize offer social vibes and organized tours, creating an ideal environment for solo travelers.

Gili T in Bali, Indonesia, is a fantastic island for single men due to its lively atmosphere and nightly revelry. Another great option is Phuket, Thailand, where Bangla Road’s social hub and daytime adventures provide ample opportunities to meet people with diverse interests. Both islands offer a mix of social interactions, adventure, and cultural experiences for solo male travelers.

Final Thoughts on the Best Vacations for Single Guys

Going on the best vacations for single guys is more than just a trip—it’s a chance to change and connect. From Bali’s welcoming beaches to Barcelona’s lively streets, each place is an opportunity for self-discovery and making friends.

These destinations offer more than just sightseeing. They let solo travelers dive into different cultures, history, and lively atmospheres. Solo travel isn’t just about where you go; it’s about learning, adapting, and growing.

So, if you’re a solo explorer, pick a place that excites you. Let each adventure be a new part of your story. Enjoy the unknown, value your time alone, and relish the freedom to create your amazing journey.

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We call out some colleagues to find out some of the best vacations for single guys and the top vacation spots for them.

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