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There is a new hostel in Puerto Rico! Discover Santurcia Hostel, the trendiest hostel in San Juan

One of my biggest complaints about my hometown, San Juan, Puerto Rico, was that there were few affordable lodging options. To hint you a spoiler: Santurcia hostel is one of the few! As you might already know, I have my favorite hostels or the best hotels in the world. I remember that when I travel alone to Bogota or other places in Colombia, hostels felt like the natural place to be. One of those places was Cartagena. There are plenty of things to do in Cartagena, and also is a great destination to stay in hostels, but let’s stay in San Juan for a while.

I also know that San Juan is not a cheap option for travelers. Fortunately, hostels in San Juan are finally arriving and I couldn’t be more excited. I decided to visit a hostel in San Juan that might be an option for budget travelers. Santurcia Hostel might be one of those hostels in Puerto Rico, making it a more affordable destination. Here is why I believe this should be your option if you are looking for a hostel in San Juan.

This is not a sponsored post and I didn’t received any payment for it. I am grateful that Santurcia Hostel and its owner, Camila Reus, actually gave me the opportunity to take pictures and feature this wonderful hostel. Big Kudos to my dear Hilmarie from The Curvy Edit for being my blog wife and all her help taking the pictures. All opinions are my own. This post might contain affiliate links that help Traveleira to keep on running. If you want to know a bit more about affiliate links, visit our Privacy Policy.

Santurcia Hostel: The trendiest hostel in Puerto Rico

Santurcia Hostel - San Juan, Puerto Rico -

If you ask me, Santurcia Hostel is the trendiest hostel in Puerto Rico, especially if you’re visiting to find those Bad Bunny’s things to do in Puerto Rico! In the heart of the Santurce neighborhood, Santurcia Hostel has a perfect location on De Diego Avenue. This hostel is easily connected with almost all means of transportation. It is also close to the beaches, the Old San Juan (where you must do the Flavors of San Juan food tour!), and shopping malls. Located in a vibrant community such as Santurce, it has a lot of activities you can enjoy.

Its owner, Camila Reus, came up with the idea of starting a hostel in Santurce. Inspired by her own hostel experiences, She created a hostel that grasped the feeling of the Santurce neighborhood. Each room is named after different areas of the neighborhood. Its common spaces, such as the living room and the kitchen, have a special vibe that makes you feel at home. The hostel living room reminded me of the vibe of some of my favorite hostels worldwide. You can just sit down and chill with people from all around the world and make new friends.

Santurcia Hostel: Why Hostels in Puerto Rico Are Still Not That Popular?

Hostels in Puerto Rico - Santurcia Hostel -

The reason why hostels in Puerto Rico are not that popular is definitely due to the mindset of the tourism we sell and consume. Most of the locals believe that vacations and travel are always equal to luxury. We know these two don’t need to be together. For years, Puerto Rico has been selling itself as a luxury destination. Thanks to Millennials, low-cost airlines, and travelers from outside the US, hostels in Puerto Rico have become popular. This new profile of travelers has brought new hostels in San Juan and all around, Santurcia Hostel is one of those.

There is a long way to go, but these hostels in Puerto Rico are attracting different travelers. Many people have started to understand their purpose.

Why should I stay in a hostel in San Juan and why choose Santurcia Hostel?

Hostels in San Juan Puerto Rico - Santurcia Hostel -

You should stay in a hostel in San Juan and any hostel in Puerto Rico. Alternative lodging has proven to be a more authentic experience and you are helping the local economy while doing this. My experience staying in hostels has always been a good one. It is where I get to know more people and get the best tips to experience my destination. These are reasons why you should stay in a hostel in San Juan, and consider specifically Santurcia Hostel.

What Can I Find in Santurcia Hostel?

Santurcia Hostel - Trendiest Hostel in Puerto Rico -

Some amenities in Santurcia Hostel are A/C and lockers to keep your stuff safe. It also offers continental breakfast included until 9:30, a fully equipped kitchen, and an ATM. You can find male and female dorms, and there is also a private room. Another amenity I love about this hostel in San Juan is its Rooftop Bar. Almost every week, they celebrate plenty of events there. This is something that most hostels in San Juan are not doing and that you should experience if you stay in Santurcia Hostel!

Tips to Move Around in Santurce

Move Around Santurce Front Cover

If there is something that you might need in case to save and make your stay in Santurcia Hostel a lot more worthy, is the guide that my travel publisher, Eventurera Ediciones, and I brought to life to make this easier: Move Around Santurce. This guide has all the tips to move around Santurce using public transport and the best places to enjoy your stay there. If you are visiting Puerto Rico soon, this information will make it a lot easier to move to San Juan.

Would I recommend Santurcia Hostel?

Santurcia Hostel -

I must admit that this is one of the hostels I wish to stay in someday. Sounds pretty funny, considering I live 10 minutes away from it. Santurcia Hostel has everything that I am looking for in a hostel I am willing to stay. It’s lovely, has a cozy vibe, is clean, has amazing common spaces, the rooms are gorgeous and its location is perfect. If you ask me, I suggest you book your stay in Santurcia Hostel as soon as possible. I am sure that staying in a hostel like this will help you better stay in Puerto Rico.

As I mentioned, hostels in Puerto Rico are a new concept. Santurcia Hostel, thanks to its owner experience, definitely has the vibe of a real hostel. This is something that I recommend you to experience. If you plan to spend your next vacation on the island, consider staying in a hostel in Puerto Rico.

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There is a new hostel in Puerto Rico! Discover Santurcia Hostel, the trendiest hostel in San Juan


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