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We decided to ask different travel bloggers about their safest cities in Europe for solo female travelers.

Maybe this is the year when you finally decide to get into the solo female travel wave. Are you looking for tips on how to become a solo female traveler? Do you want to know where to start? What could be the best destination to hit as a solo female traveler? Where in Europe is safe for solo female travelers? Maybe you are looking for the best 30th birthday destinations in Europe and still you haven’t figured it out.

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Previously, we have spoken about European cities that I have visited as a solo female traveler, specially the safest cities in Italy for solo female travelers. There are plenty of things to do in Tirana as a solo female traveler, and if you ask yourself if is Belgrade worth visiting for solo female travelers, the answer is YES!

We decided to ask different travel bloggers about their safest cities in Europe for solo female travelers. These are some of their answers and why these cities are the ones you should consider to start solo travel in Europe.

Solo Female Travel in Zagreb, Croatia

by PlacesofJuma

Safest Cities in Europe for Solo Female Travelers - Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb in Croatia is one of the best European cities for solo travel. This amazing Balkan city is multicultural, and cosmopolitan and welcomes guests from all over the world with a huge portion of hospitality.

Here you will feel safe immediately because the people of Zagreb are very warm, hospitable, and always ready to help, come what may. Especially if you are traveling as a solo female traveler, they are always very concerned about your well-being.

Besides, in this cool city, there is no boredom guaranteed and so it is worth staying a few days. The restaurants are amazing and also the nightlife is vibrant. Among the most beautiful attractions are the imposing Zagreb Cathedral, the romantic Old Town, St. Mark’s Church, and the world’s shortest funicular railroad, which is only 66 meters long.

Another highlight is the Museum of Broken Relationships, which has become a real celebrity in the Croatian capital. To relax, it is best to go to Maksimir Park, which is the oldest, and with an area of 316 hectares also the largest park in southern Europe!

In my opinion, Zagreb is an almost perfect destination for women traveling alone. The people here are wonderful, the city is unique and crime is hardly noticeable. You feel safe and it’s easy to connect with new people!

Here you can find some options if you are looking where to stay in Zagreb for accommodation.

Solo Female Travel in Valletta, Malta

by ManyOtherRoads

Safest Cities in Europe for Solo Female Travelers - Valleta, Malta

Valletta is an excellent choice as one of the safest cities in Europe for solo female travelers. Although it is small, Valletta packs a punch when it comes to things to see and do.

This beautiful city is located on the tiny island of Malta and is brimming with Solo-friendly activities. For starters, Valletta is home to numerous museums and art galleries. The most recommended one is Upper Barrakka Gardens.

Filled with cocktail bars and clubs across the city there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the city’s thriving nightlife scene. If you are looking for one of the best bars in Valletta, Alchemy is a fantastic option!

There are plenty of day trips to take from Valletta. Explore the other islands in the archipelago, visit nearby towns and villages, or take a hike in one of Malta’s many Nature Parks.

If you want to get a true taste of Malta when you are visiting Valletta, make sure you jump on a ferry and visit the Islands of Gozo and Comino. Here you will find amazing things to see and do like the blue lagoon.

No matter if you stick to Valletta or want to explore more of the Island, it is the perfect destination for female travelers. The locals are friendly and it feels safe even if you are alone.

And because Malta is such a small country, it’s easy to meet other Solo travelers and make exploring Valletta easy!

Cities in Europe for solo travel: Chester, Wales

Safest Cities in Europe for Solo Female Travelers - Chester, Wales

by UK Every Day

One of the most beautiful cities in England, but much more compact than Manchester or London is a smaller cathedral city – Chester. A short drive from Liverpool makes it accessible and easy to explore and one of the best cities for solo travel.

Chester is very walkable and has many unique places to visit so you will never run out of ideas on what to do. Moreover, the city walls are one of the best preserved in the UK. So, if you are a fan of medieval architecture, visit the impressive Chester Cathedral or wander around the narrow streets of the city in the search of some of the best-hidden gems in the country.

You will find plenty of amazing restaurants such as Shrub with Hungarian cuisine or inspired by the Mediterranean – Artezzan Restaurant & Bar. After a delicious meal, explore Chester Roman Gardens, visit Amphitheatre and spoil yourself in Grosvenor Shopping Centre.

Chester offers also amazing day trips due to its close location to Wales. It is only a short drive from some of the best waterfalls in Wales and incredible castles. So, book your stay at one of the hotels in the city such as The Hotel Chester, and enjoy the urban vibe while at any time you will be able to escape to nature that will be literally at your fingertips.

Solo Female Travel in Cork, Ireland

by MakeTheTripMatter

Safest Cities in Europe for Solo Female Travelers - Cork, Ireland

Cork is a beautiful city in southern Ireland that is full of Irish history and culture that should definitely be on your Irish Bucket List. Cork is probably most famous for the Blarney Castle, where visitors can not only explore the ancient castle grounds but can also kiss the Blarney Stone to receive the “gift of eloquence and persuasiveness.”

The English Market is another popular tourist destination, where you can find fresh produce, seafood, and other tasty treats. If you’re interested in learning more about the history and culture of Cork, consider taking a tour of University College Cork (UCC). UCC is one of the oldest universities in Ireland and has a rich history and beautiful architecture.

Pubs, of course, is always fun to explore in any big Irish city. There are many across Cork where live Irish music is played, such as Sin é or Rearden’s. Finally, be sure to view Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral, which is an iconic Cork landmark.

Cork has plenty of safe hostels and hotels to stay in. I stayed at the Bru Bar & Hostel as a solo female traveler and felt plenty safe both in the hostel and exploring around it, including at night. Getting around Cork is easy, safe, and quick on foot. Or, public transportation is also safe and reliable both around the city and connecting between other major cities across Ireland.

Solo female travel Europe: Lucerne, Switzerland

by The Invisible Tourist

Safest Cities in Europe for Solo Female Travelers - Lucerne, Switzerland

As well as being very safe to visit, Switzerland is full of breathtaking natural scenery, medieval cities, and fascinating history for curious solo female travelers.

Featuring narrow cobbled streets lined with decorated buildings and even legends of mountain dragons, the city of Lucerne is perfect in all seasons — even if you don’t ski. This gorgeous location is a must when planning any itinerary for Switzerland.

With the River Reuss running through the center of the Old Town, Lucerne is as pretty as a postcard and is easily explored on foot. Visit the Lion Monument, the wounded beast meticulously carved into a stone wall as a memorial to the fallen Swiss Guard.

Dating back to the 14th century, be amazed at the oldest covered wooden footbridge in Switzerland, Chapel Bridge, featuring paintings that depict events in the city’s history. The many museums and art galleries are their least crowded during the winter months when most visitors are away in the ski fields.

Overlooking the town below, Mt Pilatus is the city’s gem and no visit would be complete without taking a trip by cable car to the summit. The journey itself is a fun experience, and the highlight is the mountaintops as far as the eye can see.

While at the summit, enjoy a meal with a view at Panorama Grill or Bellevue restaurants, or a simple bite to eat at the Ibex Bar with beautiful vistas.

Cities in Europe for solo travel: Madeira, Portugal

by Alyssa – An Apple a Plane

Safest Cities in Europe for Solo Female Travelers - Madeira, Portugal

Madeira is one of Portugal’s stunning islands to the west of mainland Portugal. Visitors looking for relaxation enjoy its calm ambiance, beautiful views, colorful hillside homes, and relaxing beach vacation.  Adrenaline seekers love hiking to new heights, Levada walks, and towering waterfalls. It’s a perfect balance!

Most flights arrive in Madeira’s capital city of Funchal. Visitors enjoy spending a day or two here visiting the Botanical Garden, taking a free city walking tour, and exploring the city from above on a cable car.

The west and east ends of the island are incredibly scenic. Consider hopping on a “Best of the West” or “Best of the East” tour, or renting a car and exploring at your own pace.

Most west tours bring you to Porto Moniz, home of Madeira’s natural volcanic pools where turquoise waters of the Atlantic flow through hardened volcanic lava. Visitors at Porto Moniz also enjoy Miradouro de Santa Viewpoint, seaside restaurants, playgrounds, walking along the coast, and the Church of Santa Maria Madalena.

Some of the best things to do on Madeira’s east include visiting Pico de Aveiro, Madeira’s third highest peak, and enjoying panoramic views from Ponta de Sao Lourenco.

Solo Female Travel in Kotor, Montenegro

by The Carry-On Chronicles

Safest Cities in Europe for Solo Female Travelers - Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro is one of the best European cities for solo female travelers. In addition to being a notably safe city, it’s also very well connected to other towns along the Bay of Kotor. Buses run frequently from Kotor and are an affordable way to travel to the neighboring town of Perast as well as other coastal towns like stimulating Budva.

Alternatively, if you are looking to spend the full trip in Kotor itself, the old town is extremely easy to navigate on foot, making it ideal for solo travel. Walking is the main mode of transportation, as cars are not permitted within the fortified old town walls.

To uncover the most spectacular panoramic view over Boka Bay, hike up to Kotor Fortress. There are two different paths to choose from – the Walls of Kotor (which feature stairs to the top) and the Ladder of Cattero, involving switchbacks up the mountain.

The hike takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour each way, and the views at the top are simply breathtaking! This hike is ideal for solo female travelers, as you’re bound to link up with other hiking enthusiasts along the way.

Beyond hiking, Kotor offers an incredibly fascinating old town that dates back over 2,000 years. Here, you can wander the streets to uncover hidden gems or join an organized walking tour to converse with other solo travelers and learn about Kotor’s amazing history.

Safest Cities in Europe to travel: Prague, Czechia (Czech Republic)

by Uprooted Traveler

Safest Cities in Europe for Solo Female Travelers - Prague, Czechia

Prague in the Czech Republic is the perfect mix of fairytale architecture, natural beauty, and buzzing nightlife. Plus the city is perfect for solo female travelers- it’s one of the safest cities in Europe, it’s a breeze to navigate and it’s incredibly affordable!

Any visit to Prague needs to include a stop at its Old Town, which is stuffed with Gothic churches, pastel-colored baroque houses, and an astronomical clock, complete with dancing animatronic figures on the hour. Nearby, you can find the stunning Charles Bridge, which was commissioned in 1357 and is now lined by 75 larger-than-life baroque statues of saints. If you continue over the Vltava River, you can also tour the halls of Prague Castle, the largest castle complex on the planet!

Prague has any flavor of nightlife you desire, from nightclubs throbbing with music to pub crawls organized by boisterous hostels and upscale cocktail lounges. If you’d like to mix a bit of sightseeing with the unofficial drink of the Czech Republic (beer!), take a sunset cruise on the Vltava River, where you’ll be able to appreciate the jaw-dropping architecture of the city from the water, a pilsner in hand.

Or for a bit more of an unusual activity, consider heading to a Prague beer spa, where you’ll bathe in a mixture of hops, barley, and yeast (all with purported health benefits), while you have your very own unlimited taps of Czech beer within reach! It’s only fitting- Czechs drink more beer per capita than any other population on the planet!

Solo Female Travel in Split, Croatia

by Disha Discovers

Safest Cities in Europe for Solo Female Travelers - Split, Croatia

Europe is full of amazing cities, but Split, Croatia tops the list as one of the safest cities in Europe to travel alone.

One of the most essential things for any solo traveler is feeling safe in their destination, and Split delivers when it comes to safety. Also, the locals are always happy to help with directions or recommendations; they’ll go out of their way to ensure you feel welcome. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Even though Split is small, it packs a big punch regarding things to do. Whether you’re spending two days in Split or two weeks, you won’t leave disappointed.
One of the most popular things to do in Split is to visit Diocletian’s Palace.

The Roman Emperor Diocletian built it in the 4th century AD. The palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the world’s most well-preserved Roman ruins. As you explore this incredible palace, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

If you’re looking for some beach time, head to Kasjuni Beach. It’s the perfect place to relax and soak up the Croatian sun. The water is crystal clear, and the beach is surrounded by cliffs, adding to its unique paradise-like feel.

In the evening, head to Split’s promenade for a sundowner drink. This strip of bars and restaurants, known as the Riva, along the water is the perfect place to watch the sunset and people-watch.
Last but not least, another great activity for solo travelers is taking a day trip to one of Split’s many nearby islands. Hvar and Brac are two of the most popular options, but there are plenty of others to choose from. Each island has its unique vibe, so you’re sure to find one that suits your taste.

Solo female travel Europe: Cordoba, Spain

Safest Cities in Europe for Solo Female Travelers - Cordoba, Spain

by Sam – My Flying Leap

Nestled between the famous cities of Madrid and Seville is a city of historical significance you may have never heard of—Córdoba. Founded by the Roman Empire, Córdoba was once the largest city in western Europe. 

It was a place where Muslims, Christians, and Jews lived peacefully together for hundreds of years. Córdoba was known, and still is, for its skilled artisans, gorgeous universities, mosques, and other buildings that blended the area’s unique heritage.

There are a lot of things to do in Córdoba. Visit the stunning Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba with its blend of Muslim and Christian influences. Don’t miss the Alcázar of Córdoba and the stunning palace gardens, and climb the wall for incredible city views.

Then explore the vibrant Jewish Quarter, one of the largest in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll enjoy the narrow winding streets overflowing with history and the beautiful flowers along the walls. There’s an old synagogue you can tour as well to learn about the history of this area.

If you have time, don’t miss the Roman Bridge and cross over to see Calahorra Tower. The old Roman ruins are another special treat to see as well. Córdoba is a city with an incredible past just begging to be explored. Spend a couple of days learning all about it and expect to be wowed!

Solo Female Travel in Bologna, Italy

by Martha –

Safest Cities in Europe for Solo Female Travelers - Bologna, Italy

Bologna, in Northern Italy, is a safe city for solo female travelers. In fact, it would be a great place for first-time solo travelers. It is a relatively small and safe city, not as intimidating as some of the bustling metropolises in Europe – so it’s a good place to ease yourself into solo traveling if you have not done it before.

Even though it’s small, there are plenty of things to do in Bologna, which is known as the Red City, due to its prevalence of old red brick and warm shades of plaster on the buildings.

Bologna is famous for its porticoes and it has the world’s longest portico, the San Luca Portico, which was originally used as a pilgrimage and is now an attraction and a must-do activity for visitors to the city. However, there are also 40km of porticos all around the city center, making the streets extra grand and handsome.

You can also explore its historic landmarks, including the oldest university in continuous operation, the huge unfinished church, Basilica di San Petronio, and The Two Towers: leaning brick towers that date from the middle ages.

Finally, Bologna is a great destination for foodies. It is slap-bang in the middle of Emilia-Romagna, the region from which we get Prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiana Reggiano, and Aceto Balsamico de Modern. This makes Bologna a great place to taste the best the region has to offer, including the local specialty, tortellini in broth.

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We decided to ask different travel bloggers about their safest cities in Europe for solo female travelers.

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