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Discover the safest cities in South America for a Solo Female Traveler. Plan your journey with confidence for your solo travel in South America

This blog is trying to cover the safest cities for solo female travelers. We have already discussed the safest cities in Europe for solo female travelers and touched base with the safest cities in Italy for solo female travelers.

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In this article, I asked fellow travel bloggers for their opinions on the safest cities in South America for a solo female traveler. There are always misconceptions about South America and safety issues, so I asked fellow travelers about their experiences in these cities.


Punta Arena, Chile

[Emily –]

The shore at Punta Arena, Chile

Situated at the southern tip of Chile, Punta Arenas serves as a key departure point for cruises to Antarctica and a premier destination for solo female travelers exploring South America!

Characterized by its remote beauty and friendly locals, visitors can engage in many activities, from trekking through the nearby Torres del Paine National Park to witnessing the unique beauty of the Magellanic penguins at Isla Magdalena.

Access to Punta Arenas is surprisingly straightforward, given its far-flung location. The most convenient route is flying into Presidente Carlos Ibáñez International Airport, which welcomes flights from Santiago and other major cities across South America.

The city is also famed for its cultural festivities, most notably the annual Winter Carnival, where locals and tourists can revel in colorful parades, fireworks, music, and traditional dances! Ideal for solo travelers, families with children, and people of all ages, the carnival celebrates Punta Arenas’ beautiful history and diversity.

As for accommodation, Hotel Albatros is a highly recommended option for solo female travelers. Located in the city center, this cozy hotel offers private rooms, warm hospitality, and easy access to all the major attractions in Punta Arenas.

Despite needing to know a few Spanish phrases before jetting off to Southern Chile, Punta Arenas is a must-visit for any solo female traveler looking to experience the unique blend of adventure, culture, and incredible cuisine South America offers.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

[Melanie –]

Iguazu Falls from Lower Circuit

In northern Argentina, Puerto Iguazu is where you will find Iguazu Falls. I was lucky to experience its beauty firsthand when I visited Argentina on my own, and I can attest that this natural marvel is nothing short of amazing. The easiest way to reach Iguazu Falls is by flying into the nearby Cataratas del Iguazú International Airport. From there, it’s a short drive to the national park where the falls are located.

Iguazu Falls is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world, and is considered one of the Seven New Natural Wonders of the Modern World. This powerful waterfall consists of 275 individual falls spread across the jungle.

In Puerto Iguazu, there’s a special spot called the Three Border Landmark, where you can see the three borders of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. This spot is unique because it is where three countries and two rivers (the Iguazú River and the Paraná River) come together, and visitors can cross from one side to the other in just a few minutes.

There are many things to do at Iguazu Falls, including exploring one of the hiking trails, embarking on a boat ride to the base of the falls, taking a helicopter tour above the falls, or birdwatching. If you are looking for a great place to stay, I recommend La Reserva Virgin Lodge as it is close to the park and offers a breakfast buffet, wonderful accommodations, and free guided walks through the jungle. Iguazu Falls is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, and it offers an appreciation for a natural wonder and a connection that you will not find anywhere else.

Zipaquirá, Colombia

[Gladis – Happiness On The Way]

Salt Cathedral in Zipaquirá, Colombia

Zipaquirá is a beautiful city in Colombia famous for its incredible underground Salt Cathedral. This city is a famous day trip from Bogota and a great destination for solo female travelers.

The Salt Cathedral, the city’s highlight, is a church inside a salt mountain. You will be amazed by the glowing sculptures carved on a halite rock and the enormous cross made of salt in the main chamber.

This cathedral is one of the most notable achievements of Colombian architecture. This place can get crowded, so visiting on a weekday or early morning is better.

But Zipaquirá is not just about the Salt Cathedral. The city center has a cozy and charming vibe, and you can also visit the Diocesan Cathedral of Zipaquira.

Zipaquirá is easy to walk around. Various restaurants and street food vendors offer delicious snacks like fruits in a cup, fresh juices, and local bread.

The city also celebrates the Good Friday procession during Holy Week. The procession, known as the Path of the Cross, travels from Plazoleta del Minero to the entrance of the Salt Cathedral.

Getting to Zipaquirá from Bogotá is easy and safe. You can take the Zipaquira bus at Portal del Norte station in Bogota. The travel time is around 1 hour.

I recommend staying longer in Zipaquirá to experience more of its beauty. There are many safe and friendly places to stay, from small guesthouses to boutique hotels.

Hotel Camino de la Sal is a boutique hotel located in the center of the city that is perfect if you want to explore the city on foot.

Zipaquirá is not only a safe destination but also full of unique experiences. It’s an excellent choice for solo female travelers seeking an adventure in South America.

Montevideo, Uruguay

[Daniella, Sampler Platter Travel]

The view from La Rambla in Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo, Uruguay, is known as the art deco capital of South America with incredible historical buildings, a quaint Old City, and a fantastic food and wine culture. The laid-back nature of the beach city makes it a perfect bucket list destination.

Montevideo is a safe destination for solo females, and travelers can enjoy miles of beautiful shoreline along the Atlantic Ocean. Don’t forget to stop at the famous Montevideo letter sign along the La Rambla avenue and sun tan on Playa Ramírez.

Apart from the jaw-dropping coast, travelers should walk around the Old City and admire the buildings surrounding the Plaza Independencia, a famous square that history lovers will surely enjoy.

The best way to get to Montevideo is by flying into Carrasco International Airport, 12 miles from downtown. However, taking the ferry from Buenos Aires is an easy alternative if you are already in Argentina across the Rio de la Plata. This smooth journey only takes 4 hours, ending in the heart of the Old City.

If you visit Montevideo in January through February, don’t forget to check out Carnival! Uruguayan Carnival is far more tranquil than Brazil’s counterpart but doesn’t lack dancing, music, or fun.

For a highly-rated accommodation option, travelers should look at staying in Hotel Palacio, a beautiful hotel in the heart of the Old City. It has a prime location next to Solis Theatre and Plaza Independencia.”

Santiago, Chile

[Chanelle, Chasing Chanelle]

Santiago is one of South America’s most cosmopolitan cities, and it’s the capital of Chile, offering a fascinating blend of history, culture, and art. But what makes it such a fantastic destination is that it’s also within easy reach of some of Chile’s most beautiful landscapes and key attractions. Therefore, it’s a great place to base yourself on and explore the city and the surrounding regions.

Santiago is also a great destination for solo female travelers, as Chile is one of South America’s safest countries. Plus, all the key points of interest in the city are located in the center, within close proximity of each other, making it easy to get around and see everything of interest.

Some must-visit sites include the Plaza de Armas (the central square), the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Palacio de La Moneda, the official seat of the president.

Several interesting neighborhoods are nearby, and it is also safe to explore on foot. In particular, Providencia has beautiful parks, tree-lined streets, and boutique shopping; Las Condes is one of the city’s most affluent areas; and Bellavista has a vibrant nightlife, colorful street art, and a lively atmosphere.

These neighborhoods, with some beautiful hotels, are also great areas to stay for safety and convenience. In particular, Casa Bellavista Hotel is a delightful hotel located on a quiet street near the Bellavista neighborhood and within walking distance of all the attractions.

Once you’ve finished exploring the city, you can also take day trips from Santiago to the Andes Mountains, the coastal towns of Viña del Mar and Valparaiso, and some of Chile’s best wine regions, like the Maipo and Casablanca valleys.

Getting to Santiago is easy, as the city’s international airport is one of the biggest airports in South America, with direct flights from the Americas, Australasia, and Europe.

Lima, Perú

[Daria – the Discovery Nut]

casa roosevelt in lima
Photo by Andony Chuco on

Lima is the only capital in South America located along the Pacific Coast. Lima, a gateway to Peru, was mostly overlooked in the past as most travelers would head straight to Cusco, but in recent years, this city has become a popular stop along the Peru itinerary, with many visitors spending at least a day.

Popular areas of Lima, including Miraflores, Barranco, and Historic Center, offer plenty of attractions that keep you busy for a few days.

If you are visiting Lima for the first time, head straight to Lima Historic Center, which’s home to important landmarks like the Cathedral of Lima along the city’s main square (Plaza Mayor) or Lima Art Museum (Museo de Arte de Lima – MALI), which has a vast collection of Peruvian art, spanning from pre-Columbian times to contemporary pieces.

After soaking up some local culture, catch an Uber to Miraflores, one of the most popular parts of Lima. Besides being a popular neighborhood with plenty of hotels and proximity to the beach, Miraflores also boasts a great selection of restaurants where you can find anything from typical Peruvian dishes to international cuisines like Asian, Italian and American, and vegan and vegetarian options.

Miraflores also offers access to the waterfront overlooking the Pacific beaches and a few surfing beaches where you can take a surfing lesson from one of the local pros. If you feel more adventurous, you can also try some paragliding.

While Lima has become more popular in recent years and prices have increased, it’s still a great budget destination where you can find a good place to stay for under 50 USD. Pullman is one of the most popular places in Lima in Miraflores.

If you plan to stay in Lima for more than a day, you can take a day trip from Lima to Huacachina, Nazca Lines, and Ballestas Islands. You can book trips to these places on the spot with one of the local tour agencies or online through Viator or Get Your Guide. Another option is to visit archeological areas near Lima, like Huaca Pucllana and Pachacamac.

The easiest way to get to Lima is by flying. Lima International Airport has flights from the countries of South and Central America, as well as the United States, and some flights from Europe.

Medellín, Colombia

[Victoria –]

People playing with cards in Medellin

Medellin, located in the heart of the Colombian Andes, is a vibrant city transformed from a notorious past to a bustling metropolis known for its innovation and charm. Traveling to Medellin is an experience like no other, offering a blend of modernity and tradition that captivates visitors from around the globe.

One of the main reasons to visit Medellin is its pleasant climate, earning it the nickname “City of Eternal Spring.” This mild weather allows for year-round outdoor activities, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers.
While in Medellin, visitors can explore the city’s rich cultural heritage by visiting attractions such as Plaza Botero, home to a collection of sculptures by renowned artist Fernando Botero, or taking a ride on the city’s iconic Metrocable to enjoy panoramic views of the city and surrounding mountains.

For those interested in history, a visit to the Museo de Antioquia provides insight into the region’s past. The nearby town of Guatape offers a glimpse into traditional Colombian life with its colorful streets and stunning views from the top of the El Peñol rock.
Getting to Medellin is easy, with direct flights from major cities in the United States, Europe, and other parts of South America.

Once in the city, transportation is convenient thanks to its efficient metro system and network of buses and taxis.
For accommodation, consider staying at the Charlee Hotel, a stylish boutique hotel in the heart of the city’s entertainment district. Its modern design and luxurious amenities make it the perfect place to relax after exploring all Medellin offers.

Mendoza, Argentina

[Rebecca – Becci Abroad]

The views from Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza is the perfect destination for nature lovers and wine enthusiasts, and then it is by far one of the safest cities in South America for solo female travelers.

Mendoza is located in Argentina’s Andes region by the foothill of the Andes Mountains. The city is famous for being the wine capital of Argentina, with more than 1,200 wineries located throughout the province of Mendoza. Mendoza’s wine production accounts for around 70% of Argentina’s wine production.

Visiting the local wineries is one of the most popular things for travelers in Mendoza. Many wineries offer short guided tours of their facilities accompanied by a wine tasting. You can either organize the visit yourself or book one of the many guided tours to the local wineries.

The Andes Mountains are perfect for day trips, hiking, and horseback riding. The mountains offer highlights such as the Aconcagua Mountain, the highest peak in the Americas, the Potrerillos Dam, and a unique stone formation called the Inca’s Bridge.

In the city of Mendoza, you shouldn’t miss the iron gates of the San Martin Park with a flying condor on top, the city’s viewpoint on the Hill of Glory, and at night, the city’s coat of arms lighted in neon at Plaza Independencia.

In the city center of Mendoza, you will find plenty of hotels, hostels, and Airbnb. However, one of Mendoza’s more spectacular experiences is staying at a local winery.

The easiest way to get to Mendoza is flying from Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires. You can also get to Mendoza from other parts of Argentina by long-distance bus. From Chile’s capital, Santiago de Chile, you can get directly to Mendoza by bus or with a 1-hour flight.

Puerto Ayora, Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

[Vicki –]

A turtle in Puerto Ayora, Galápagos Islands

One city in South America that is often underestimated is Puerto Ayora. It’s the largest city on the Galápagos Islands in Ecuador. Exploring these impressive islands is absolutely recommended for anyone interested in nature and wildlife.

You can reach Puerto Ayora by plane from Quito or Guayaquil. It’s best to look for accommodation near the city center, such as the Hostal La Mirada del Solitario Geroge.

Stroll through the town and meet a few sea lions that like to hang around the town’s fish market.

When you visit Puerto Ayora, you should definitely not miss out on excursions in the surrounding area. There, you can marvel at the breathtaking flora and fauna of the famous Galápagos Islands, whether you’re snorkeling, diving, or on land.

Ensure you also visit the world-famous giant tortoises, already documented here in Darwin’s time.

Simply join an excursion that you can book at one of the many tour agencies in the center of Puerto Ayora.

Stop by Darwin’s Research Center or one of the cafés in the town to enjoy a full-bodied Ecuadorian coffee.

If you’ve spent a long day under the hot equatorial sun, you’ll certainly be looking for refreshment. So, plan a visit to the beach and cool off in the surprisingly cool water.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

[Flavia –]

A view from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is my favorite city in South America. Okay, maybe I am a bit biased because I was born there, but I believe it’s a fantastic destination for solo female travelers seeking a beautiful, vibrant, cultural, and safe place in Latin America.

This bustling metropolis, also known as the “Paris of South America,” offers many things to do and an array of new experiences you can try.

  • Stroll around the posh neighborhood of Recoleta and visit its renowned cemetery.

  • Take a tango class in the historic San Telmo district.

  • Admire the modern architecture in Puerto Madero.

  • Palermo, my absolute favorite neighborhood, boasts amazing cafes, top-rated restaurants, and beautiful parks where you can enjoy a picnic and drink “mate,” a traditional Argentine tea.

  • La Boca, popular with tourists, is home to the iconic La Bombonera stadium of Boca Juniors and Calle Caminito, a vibrant street filled with souvenir shops and steak restaurants. It’s advisable to stay within the tourist-friendly areas in La Boca, as other parts can be less safe.

  • Try “asado” at a local “bodegón” where you can savor traditional Argentine barbecue at its best.

Buenos Aires has two international airports: Aeroparque and Ezeiza. Most international flights arrive at Ezeiza, where you’ll need a taxi to get to the city. It takes about one hour and costs around $20.

Where to Stay in Buenos Aires: Palermo, Recoleta, and Belgrano are the safest places. I would avoid staying in the Microcentro (city center area), as it gets sketchy at night.

As a solo traveler, you might want to stay in a hostel to meet other people. I recommend Selina Palermo, where you can choose between a dorm bed or a private room. If you’re looking for something more luxurious, Legado Mitico Hotel Boutique in the heart of Palermo Soho is an excellent choice.

Cartagena, Colombia

[Mel – Mel On The Go]

Getsemani Street Life in Cartagena Colombia

A beautiful coastal Caribbean city in one of South America’s growing countries, Cartagena is known for romance and beauty. The other key quality a solo female traveler wants is safety. Cartagena de Indias has a protective fortification surrounding its beautiful buildings and plazas. A visit to the Walled City should be on everyone’s list.

Cartagena is a convenient travel destination with an international airport only a 20-minute drive from the city center. Serviced by world-class and budget carriers, traveling there is easy.

Cartagena’s temperature is hot and steamy, but its locale on the Caribbean Sea makes it easy to get cool. Most visitors opt to take boat trips to nearby islands like Isla Tolu or the Rosario Islands for water activities and fun in the sun. Tours leave from the docks in the walled city and last a few hours or a full day. Alternatively, visit some of the city’s esteemed museums devoted to gold, history, or modern art. Colombia’s most visited city offers attractions that please any traveler.

Excellent hotels are plentiful within the walled city. My personal preference is charming Getsemani, with art-filled streets and bustling restaurants. Enjoy waterfront views from the rooftop pool and delicious breakfasts at GHL Armeria Real, an easy walk to anywhere in the Walled City. Join a street art walking tour to get up close with the local talent in this charming Colombian city.

While catching up in the buzz of busy Cartagena is easy, it’s also the perfect place to slow down and relax. Take a day trip for a massage at the mud volcano, or simply sip a margarita at an outdoor café in one of the many bustling squares and plazas, enjoying the good life in the Jewel of the Caribbean.

Cusco, Perú

[Jennifer –]

A view from Cusco, Peru

Cusco, Peru, is a vibrant city steeped in history and culture, making it a captivating destination for solo female travelers. Once the capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco today is a mix of ancient Inca ruins and gorgeous colonial architecture set against the majestic Peruvian Andes.

Cusco is home to numerous historical sites. The city’s main square, Plaza de Armas, is great for starting your Cusco itinerary. Here, you’ll find the stunning Cusco Cathedral. Then, wander through the cobblestone streets of San Blaas. Nearby, you can visit the ruins of Sacsayhuaman Fortress or take day trips to the Maras Salt Flats or Moray Ruins in the Sacred Valley.

One of the main draws of Cusco is its proximity to Machu Picchu. Travelers can hike the Inka trail or take a train to the citadel. Visiting Machu Picchu is a must-do activity for any traveler to Cusco, offering a glimpse into the ingenuity and skill of the Inca people.

Cusco is also known for its vibrant culture, which can be experienced through its food, music, and festivals. The city is home to many excellent restaurants serving up traditional Peruvian cuisine. The Inti Raymi celebration floods the city in June with parades, music, and colorful costumes.

One of the best things about Cusco for solo female travelers is the welcoming and friendly nature of the local people and its safe environment. Additionally, Cusco is a popular destination for travelers worldwide, so you’ll likely meet plenty of like-minded people.

Stay in the city center for the best access to Cusco attractions. The JW Marriott El Convento Cusco is a gorgeous historic property in the perfect location.

Whether you’re interested in history culture, or simply soaking up the atmosphere of a vibrant city, Cusco has it all. For solo female travelers, the welcoming nature of the local people and the wealth of attractions make it an ideal destination.

Bariloche, Argentina

[Audrey – Che Argentina Travel]

A view on Cerro Campanario in Bariloche, Argentina

Bariloche, formally known as San Carlos de Bariloche, is the gateway to northern Argentine Patagonia. The city has a pristine setting on the shores of Nahuel Huapi Lake and is surrounded by mountains, making it a nature lover’s playground. What makes Bariloche special is that it’s a city with a town feel – it’s very walkable, has a relaxed vibe, and feels very safe.

Some of Bariloche’s top attractions include a scenic boat trip to Isla Victoria. You can also drive the Circuito Chico, a short but scenic road trip that loops around various lakes. For epic vistas, you can ride the chair lift to Cerro Campanario, which has panoramic views of the surrounding area. Plus, you can’t forget all the hiking opportunities! You can get more ideas of things to do in Bariloche here.

Bariloche is very easy to reach. You have multiple daily direct flights from Buenos Aires and other major cities in Argentina. You can reach Bariloche by bus or train via the weekly Tren Patagónico that connects Bariloche with Viedma if you prefer overland travel.

One fun event not to miss in Bariloche is La Fiesta del Chocolate, a chocolate festival that typically occurs during the Easter Holidays. This is a 5-day event featuring chocolate tastings, live music and festivities. You’ll quickly discover why Patagonia has a thing for artisanal chocolate!

Regarding accommodations, the most iconic place to stay in Bariloche is the Llao Llao Hotel & Resort. It’s a bit of a splurge, but it’s one of Argentina’s most beloved hotels.

Baños, Ecuador

[Callie – Counting Our Footsteps]

the view of Baños, Ecuador

Banos is a small city in Ecuador, located in the Andean highlands, right at the foot of Tungurahua volcano. Nestled between the hills and volcanos, the city is a popular destination for adventurous travelers. It is well-loved among locals and tourists alike, who usually visit to participate in one of the many adventure sports available in the city, such as white water rafting, canyoning, or hiking up the volcano. The white water rafting was an adrenaline rush and a fantastic way to see the beautiful nature along the river.

If you prefer to stay dry and keep the adrenaline to a minimum, Banos is still a great city to visit. The atmosphere is lively, with countless cafes and bars, and the market is fun to explore. Solo female travelers will have no trouble in this fun and friendly city.

Banos is also only a short distance from the edge of the Amazon rainforest. You can do day trips or even overnight trips to visit the jungle and experience some of the magic of the biggest rainforest on the planet.

The bus from Quito to Banos is the best way to reach the city. The journey starts from the Quitumbe bus terminal in Quito, lasts around 4 hours, and costs $5 for a ticket.

When choosing where to stay in Banos, I would recommend Hostal D´Mathias. The hostel is quiet, the beds are comfy, and they offer cheaper tours than anywhere else we have looked. We booked our Amazon jungle day trip through them, which was incredible!

Arequipa, Perú

[Eleanor – Elevate Your Escapes]

Views of Arequipa, Perú

Arequipa, Peru, is a great city for solo female travelers. This charming city attracts travelers with its unique colonial charm, cultural heritage, and stunning natural landscapes. It’s known as the “White City” due to the white volcanic stone used in its architecture.

Arequipa is about an hour’s flight south of Lima, with several daily flights. You can arrange to have your hotel pick you up from the airport. It’s best to stay in the city center, where you can easily walk around to experience the architecture, food scene, shops, and more. Arequipa is much more relaxed than heavily visited and populated cities like Lima and Cusco. It offers a nice alternative in your Peru travels.

Arequipa’s historical center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, showcases examples of Spanish colonial architecture, including the iconic Santa Catalina Monastery. This complex of vibrant cloisters, chapels, and plazas will give you a glimpse into the city’s religious and cultural past. Experience its maze-like corridors filled with colorful frescoes, like red walls.

Arequipa is a gateway to breathtaking natural landscapes. The nearby Colca Canyon, one of the world’s deepest canyons, offers vistas of terrain, valleys, and sights of condors gliding on thermals. Experienced hikers can trek through the canyon. Arequipa is also known for the sight of Misti Volcano, towering over the city.

If you want to attend a festival, you can experience the fervor of local celebrations, such as the colorful Feast of the Virgin of Chapi (May 1) or the lively Carnaval Arequipeño (February), where streets come alive with music and dance.

Huaraz, Perú

[Zoe – Zoe Goes Places]

Views of Laguna Paron in Huaraz, Perú
Huaraz is Peru’s hiking city. Located at 3000 meters of elevation in the Andes, it’s a hub of backpackers and travelers looking to hike to some of Peru’s most beautiful spots.

For those flying into the country, the best and only way to get to Huaraz is by bus, which takes at least 9 hours. Many people opt for a night bus to save time and money. These are generally safe and fairly luxurious (for a bus!).

A trip to Huaraz generally consists of multiple day trips to hiking spots. Most of these are on tours as public transport is very limited in this part of the country. The mesmerizing and vivid blue lake of Laguna Paron is one of the most popular options. A less well-known option is the nearby Laguna Churup, which you can access by public transport without a guide.

You’ll have no problem meeting people in the city’s hostels and on day trips. If you’re up for the challenge, there’s also the option to do multi-day tours, such as the Santa Cruz Trek or Huayhuash Trek, which are extraordinary!

It’s best to stay close to the center of Huaraz as further out, hotels and hostels are located down streets with poor lighting after dark. Sunrise Guest House is a good option as it is close to the main plaza.

Minca, Colombia

[Czarina – Half Digital Nomad]

Cerro Kennedy in Minca, Colombia

If you’re looking for your next destination in Colombia, go north, and you’ll find Minca. It’s safe for solo female travelers seeking a quiet getaway in South America. This charming little town is famous for its stunning waterfalls and rich biodiversity. One thing that makes Minca special is its wildlife, attracting migratory birds thanks to its unique location between two oceans. One of the most pleasant surprises I’ve had here is waking up with a toucan at my bedroom window. That doesn’t happen every day!

Aside from birdwatching, hitting the trails for a run, chasing waterfalls, or getting a taste of Colombia’s renowned coffee on a tour are the top things to do here. I’ve run solo for hours during my stay and have never felt unsafe. If you only have 3 days in Minca, I recommend visiting Marinka Falls, Finca La Victoria, and the Cerro Kennedy trail. Don’t expect to find bungee jumping or any other adrenaline sports here; Minca’s all about slow-paced living.

Getting to Minca is straightforward, too – just catch a flight to Santa Marta’s Simon Bolivar International Airport and hop on a bus or a moto-taxi to reach Minca. Keep in mind, though, that moto-taxis can be a bit pricier.

Regarding accommodation, Masaya Casas Viejas is the place to go. You’ll have amazing views of the mountains although fair warning that it’s a bit far from town. If you intend to be right in town, Chuunu Hostel may be a better option. However, Masaya Casas Viejas has a better vibe and atmosphere.

From the Minca highlands, you’re near Colombia’s best beaches at Tayrona National Park, so you can continue your trip there or take a multi-day hike to the Lost City.

Paraty, Brazil

[Chrissy Koulouris. – Jetlagged Roamer]

buildings near shore
Photo by Guilherme Gonçalves Jaques on

Who’s ready for a Paraty? Actually pronounced ‘parachee’ it is a small, colorful colonial town located less than 4 hours outside of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. 

If you want to escape the city and party life of Rio, this is one of the safest cities in South America for a solo female traveler. Despite being a quiet town, there are plenty of things to do in Paraty. 

Before your exploring begins, I suggest you book your accommodation in the heart of the town at Pousada do Ouro and get settled in. They have a lovely pool and bar where you can order a caipirinha to help you unwind after a busy day of wandering around Paraty. 

Start your adventure by heading to the canals by the bridge. There are plenty of boats you can have to yourself to cruise around the islands nearby for $40 an hour. Enjoy coasting and gawking at the emerald forest while listening to Bossa Nova. 

Afterward, head to the historical center and shop for artisanal crafts. After that, be sure to stop by one of the al fresco bars and order the famous refreshing Brazilian cocktail, the caipirinha. 

For adventure lovers, go chase waterfalls and celebrate by taking a cachaça distillery tour. Paraty makes the best cachaça in all of Brazil.

If you prefer to relax, be sure to visit Praia do Pontal. This beach is perfect for a swim to cool off from the heat. After your dip, grab a table perched on the sand and order some of the freshest seafood you will ever eat. 

One festival you should consider attending in Paraty is the Rio Carnival which occurs in February. Expect the colorful cobblestone streets to come alive. Be sure to book your hotel far in advance if you plan on participating in this event.

The easiest way to get to Paraty is by flying into Rio de Janeiro. Although they do have an airport, you will miss out on some beautiful scenery along the coast to get there. You can rent a car or hire a shuttle. 

FAQ on Solo Travel in South America

Many places in South America are safe and fun for women traveling solo. Good spots include Punta Arenas in Chile, Iguazu Falls in Argentina, Zipaquirá in Colombia, Montevideo in Uruguay, and many more. Each place has cool stuff to see and do, and is safe for women traveling alone.

Yes, it can be safe. But like anywhere, it’s important to be careful. Some areas might have more problems than others. So, it’s smart to research before you go, trust your instincts, and avoid risky places. If careful, you can have a great time exploring South America solo.

Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina are often thought to be some of the safest countries in South America for a solo female traveler. They have good roads, low crime rates, and people who are friendly to tourists. These countries have many different things to see and do, from big cities to beautiful natural places.

Chile is often considered one of the safest countries in South America for a solo female traveler. It has low crime rates and is pretty stable. Other countries like Uruguay and Argentina are also good choices. They’re safe and have lots of cool things to explore.

Final Thoughts on the Safest Cities in South America for a Solo Female Traveler

If you’re a woman considering solo travel in South America, rest assured there are many safe and thrilling destinations awaiting you. From the iconic Iguazu Falls to the charming streets of Montevideo and the breathtaking landscapes of Chile, the continent offers diverse experiences. Whether you seek adventure, history, or relaxation, South America has it all. Stay cautious, research your destinations, and trust your instincts for a rewarding and empowering journey. So, pack your bags and prepare for an unforgettable adventure in South America!

Pin the Safest Cities in South America for a Solo Female Traveler!

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