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These are the accessories I can;t definitely travel without.

After traveling for many years, I have come up with some unique travel accessories I can’t do without. I know some things do not work for everybody, but definitely there are many things you will be able to use and make part of your trips. I decided to share some of those travel accessories for women and see if I can make travel easier to many of you.

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I must confess that I am a very paranoid traveler, and most of the things you will see are definitely, considering my own safety. For some people, there are any better options than boots to take with them. In my case, these are my unique travel accessories for women I can’t do without:

Duffel carry-on bag

Black Carry On -

I was lucky to find an H&M on my first trip that actually had a bag like this one. After years of use it broke, but this bag went with me to so many places without leaving me alone. Later on, I was able to find a similar one in Primark and it evolved to a smaller one that it can be used as a personal item. Normally, it is on this bag where I carry my essentials.

Solid Bar Shampoos and Conditioners

Shampoo Bars - Regalos para Chicas Que Viajan -

Since I discovered the bar shampoos and conditioners I am not going back. I used to carry so many liquids that I always ended up in arguing with airport security. Making sure I have a liquid or gel less in my bag and that it will actually do the same has become a relief. I also discovered recently the solid toothpaste and I’m in love with it as well. So, my biggest tip is: the most liquids you can replace with solids, the better!

Pocket Scarf

Lake Bled - Travel Accessories -

This has become one of my favorite travel accessories. I discovered it a few years ago thanks to Buzzfeed and it was love at first sight. Luckily, Bethany at Speakeasy made this one tailor made for me (the one I actually wanted was sold out!) I can’t wait to get another one.

This has definitely saved my life in so many ways. In really big cities such as Rome, Paris or Barcelona, I would use this instead of carrying a purse. I totally believe that is one of the best mechanisms I have found to avoid getting robbed, and indeed, its one of those unique travel accessories that you might want to carry with you or give to someone.

Find a similar one on Speakeaeasy Travel Co.
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Shower Gels and Splashes

As you might already know from my tips on how to pack liquids in carry on bags, I avoid them. These are my essential liquids and gels. I prefer using shower gel than a bar, and I definitely need a mist and a body lotion. As you know, airport security ask you to have your liquids in a small bag, and that is the actual measure of liquid you can have. This is exactly the measure of that small bag.

Hand Sanitizer

Because not everywhere you might find soap and just because sometimes you need to smell good in some situations. I will most definitely use this in many airplanes for no particular reason (or for all of them after COVID). I just got used to use some hand sanitizer sometimes! Definitely, these is a must on my unique travel accessories list.

Oil extract perfume

This one has a story of its own and it might be a shopping tip if you come to Puerto Rico. In almost every shopping center here in Puerto Rico you can find those little oils roll on in kiosks. Name the famous fragrance, and you’ll find it: Escada, Chanel, Juicy Couture, they’ll have it! These oils here in Puerto Rico costs $10 if you buy them individually and $25 if you buy three. The good thing about this is the size (they still fit in that little liquid bag!) and that they last the whole day! If you have any hookup while traveling or travel flings, these are definitely for you!

Make Up Basics

I definitely need to carry some make up while traveling. Make up has become an important part of my traveling routine, even though I actually don’t use that much back home. I try to keep it the most basic: some powder, blush, eye liner and change lipstick color the most I can. I have my loved items but definitely, I am sure that a basic pallete is one of my unique travel accessories that, indeed, is no that unique.

Make Up Removal Wipes

If you’re using make up, definitely these will make it! Most of the time, they also work on stains you get in your clothes as well! Do there you have another use to keep them always with you, and they might be even one o those unique travel accessories to travel with even if you don’t use make up.

Travel with more zippers!

   Travel Bra

You already know this: I am paranoid of getting robbed. I discovered that as long as I have my cellphone and my money the safest I can from pickpockets, the less anxious I will feel. I always go around airports with a zipper pocket hoodie, because there I can put my earrings, bracelets and other small valuables while I’m going through the security checkpoint.

Once I’m in the gate then I can put everything back on. When I need to go around with my cellphone on countries that are not too safe, I definitely prefer underwear with zippers. There is when these zippered panties and the travel bra comes. I’ve used them both and definitely, are some of the smartest buys I have ever done. If you ask me, these are the most unique travel accessories I’ve carried around and the ones that make me feel the safest.

If you are as anxious with your security like me, consider one (or all) of these.

Travel with Books!


Is it true that there is people who does not need at least some pages of a book in a plane? I surely need some, even though I know books are not exactly unique travel accessories. When I travel, I need at least three books or maybe a few more on my tablet. I have realized that books are a fundamental part of any trip. Sometimes I can even recall of places because of book lines or vice versa. Reading a book while traveling is almost an inception, because you’re traveling to another world while traveling.

Unique Travel Accessories: Final Thoughts

I believe that those unique travel accessories for women that each of us have might be completely different from one another. I hope you wished a little more about mines with this article, and also, I hope there is one that could make your trips easier.

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These are those unique travel accessories I can't definitely travel without.

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  • September 16, 2016

    Thanks for sharing! Never heard of solid shampoo bars before! We are going taking a year off in 2017 and plan to spend at least 6 months in South America so we might investigate on the solid shampoo bar! Thank you again 🙂
    Patrick and Cecile from

  • September 22, 2016

    I’m checking the SpeakeasySupplyCo, looks good! thank you so much 🙂

  • September 24, 2016

    Loving this list Brenda!! I have the travel bra and I LOVE it, so glad I saw it here!

  • February 4, 2017

    Totally agree with the rolly style fragrances! I have like 4 from Korea that I rotate into my travel/gym bags. If you’re ever near a Tony Moly store, they have these amazing perfume bars- totally solid and portable (aka TSA friendly yay!). As for books – I have such a weird collection of titles, but right now I’m reading “Covered in Ink: Tattoos, Womean and the Politics of the Body” by Beverly Yuen Thompson. I like evocative titles for travel because they’re good for starting conversations 😀

  • February 4, 2017

    A lot of these are must-haves for me as well, especially the hair products and sanitizer. I recently visited Cuba and one of the public restrooms did not have soap. Some of the airbnb listings I’ve stayed in come equipped with the basic necessities but not all of them, so these are all great to pack.

  • February 4, 2017

    Hand sanitizers and makeup wipes – I completely agree as those are a definite must for me!


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