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Have you ever suffered packing a carry on bag when it comes to liquids? Here just a few tips.

Oh, the liquid restrictions by airport securities everywhere. Liquids sometimes becomes a nightmare while traveling. Then it comes that magic number that, if you’re in America is 3.4 and in Europe 100: Fl Oz. and Ml. As you might already know, you need to fit this into a plastic sandwich bag quarter size. Just a few days ago, I decided to make a Facebook live on a Facebook Make-Up group I’m helping as an admin (and I love it, but PS. It’s in Spanish!) about the best ways I’ve come up with to deal with the liquid restrictions on carry on bags. This is a summary of those tips I mention there for you to be able to pack your carry on bag:

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Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Lush Shampoo -

A great way to get rid of some liquid or gels you usually carry is by changing them to solids. That’s the reason why I always recommend Lush Shampoo Bars such as the one shown above called “Honey I Washed My Hair” and is made out of, you guessed it! Honey. Another Shampoos you might find are the Jason and the Argan Oil Rose Jam (made out of Argan Oil and Rose), and my favorite, Trichomania made out of Coconut Oil. When it comes to conditioners, the one I always use is Jungle.

The main complain of many people with these Shampoo and Conditioner bars is the price but, think about it: When you buy liquid shampoos travel size only last for one trip (or even less) due to its size. Lush shampoo bars last more than 10 rinses. This will be going with you to more than one short trip and always ready in your carry on bag. In the end, you’re spending less.

*BONUS TIP* Scrolling through Amazon, I found this amazing deal of five shampoo bars for $24.99. I’m totally considering it.

Solid toothpaste

Solid Toothpaste - Lush -

Yup, as you’ve hear it. Get rid of your toothpaste tube by getting some of this tabs, also available at Lush. These comes in a package that include either 40 or the bigger ones as in the picture that include 100? (not sure, proud owner of a small one!) Once again it goes with the same principle as the shampoo and conditioner: We all know the toothpaste tubes NEVER last an entire trip. These tabs, since you will only need one for every wash, becomes a lot more useful and last longer. Also, it will definitely means less liquid on your carry on bag.

Since you have already got rid of so many liquids, is up to you choosing liquid or solid soap

Shower Gel

I mentioned in a previous post that I can’t travel without my Bath and Body Works shower gels and splashes. So, basically, these two liquids among my makeup foundation make all the liquids I carry with. Of course, you are always free to take your favorite liquid soap by buying travel size dispensers that you can refill with the one you like the most.


Make Up Foundation

Make Up -

Some of the loves of my life!

The good news about foundations is that all of them are around the 30-40 mLs, which mean you’re free to take from your fancy one to your drugstore favorite. Picking of them (since I won’t take everything with me) is one of the hardest tasks but most of the time, the factor that makes me decide on one of them is mostly weather. If I’m going to somewhere hot and humid, I take a drug store one with me. If I’m going somewhere a little more chilly, I take my fancy one. My favorite one is Kat Von D.

My top 4 foundations that I would take with me anywhere on my carry on bag are:

  1. Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation
  2. Loreal Infalible
  3. Maybelline Fit Me
  4. KIKO Milano Unlimited Foundation

Powder and the rest of make up bag

Make Up -

One of my tricks to carry the less possible is having a basic face palette. Right now, I’m using Inglot Freedom System, but I also recommend either a Urban Decay Naked one or a Kat Von D face palette. That way you don’t have to carry that much. When it comes to eyes, also a basic eye palette that include neutral colors you can use almost in ever occasion. The one to pick is definitely the Urban Decay Naked or any of its drugstore dupes. Highlighter? My favorite is always a ColourPop! And basically with that I’m mostly set to travel, always being ready to look pretty and not taking all my make up.

Should I worry about security with my Make-Up?

As long as you’re not carrying any other liquid (consider sunscreen in Summer, and also the maximum amount rule!) you will be fine. Try to keep your make up and your liquids in an easy access place so you can put them in the tray at security quickly.

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Have you ever suffered packing a carry on bag when it comes to liquids? Here just a few tips.


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  • Kelly

    May 21, 2017

    Omg this is so helpful. I never even thought of getting a lush bar of shampoo. Such a good idea and a great way to make my liquid catastrophe that much easier to deal with. Thank you!!

  • judy johnson

    March 19, 2020

    I travel a lot. I love makeup. Most of the things like hair oil and shampoo I have to carry it always. Thanks for the tips.

  • Jade

    May 18, 2020

    I also use the Loreal foundation!! It has a flawless finish!!

  • Yana Johnson

    June 3, 2020

    I have been using Lush Lullaby Shampoo Bar since quite some time now and it has been excellent with my hair and very convenient.

  • Rita C. Donnell

    January 21, 2021

    I agree your ideas and tips.


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