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Discover the best restaurants in Belgrade, Serbia that you should not miss when you finally visit the city! Here you'll find some reasons to visit them!

The vibrant city of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is where culinary delights are aplenty! We’ll get on a mouthwatering journey through five remarkable restaurants that will leave you craving more (because that is exactly what they did for me). We already have provided you with the top things to do in Belgrade and the best hotels in Belgrade for your stay. Now, immerse in the flavors of Serbian food and find out if is Belgrade worth visiting!

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From traditional Serbian cuisine to international flavors with a twist, Belgrade’s restaurant scene has something for everyone. So, let’s dig in and discover the gastronomic wonders of some of the best restaurants in Belgrade.

Best Restaurants in Belgrade: Traditional Serbian Dishes

Besides all the things to do in Belgrade, this city has a rich culinary tradition that combines influences from various cultures and regions. Some of the traditional dishes and specialties that you should try while visiting Belgrade include:

  • Ćevapi: Tasty sausage-like rolls of minced meat (usually beef and pork) served with onions and sour cream.
  • Karađorđeva šnicla: Breaded and fried pork tenderloin, a savory dish.
  • Pljeskavica: A large, flat-grilled patty with mixed ground beef, pork, and lamb.
  • Sarma: A dish with pickled cabbage or grape leaves filled with minced meat and rice.
  • Rakija: A popular fruit brandy in the Balkans, often served with meals.
  • Ajvar: A spread made from red bell peppers, eggplants, and garlic.
  • Pita: A type of pastry made of phyllo dough, usually filled with meat, cheese, or vegetables.
  • Kajmak: A dairy product similar to clotted cream, often served with bread or as a topping for dishes like cevapi.
  • Krempita: A custard pie made of phyllo dough and custard.
  • Burek: A savory pastry made of phyllo dough, usually filled with meat, cheese, or spinach.
  • Uzvar: A traditional sweet made of dried fruits, nuts, and spices, often served hot and sweetened with honey.

Here you can find the best restaurants in Belgrade (according to me):

1. Zavičaj – Best Restaurants in Belgrade

Zavičaj is Serb’s Culinary Homecoming! Nestled in the heart of Belgrade, Zavičaj is a warm and inviting restaurant that embodies the true essence of Serbian cuisine. As you step inside, the aroma of hearty stews and grilled meats envelops you, instantly transporting you to the comfort of a Serbian grandmother’s kitchen. On their menu, you can find from the famous čevapi to the delectable pljeskavica.

Zavičaj prides itself on its perfectly seasoned and tender meats. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor their mouthwatering sarma and creamy kajmak. The video included is my favorite dish at the restaurant, which I am not quite sure of its name. I must tell you that, with its cozy ambiance and genuine hospitality, Zavičaj is the ultimate place to experience the flavors of Serbia and of course, one of the best restaurants in Belgrade!

2. To je to – Best Restaurant in Belgrade for Bosnian Food

To je to, one of the best restaurants in Belgrade

Cevapi for the soul

Where Simplicity Meets Creativity: Prepare to have your taste buds dazzled at To je to, a hidden gem tucked away in the bustling streets of Belgrade. This restaurant redefines contemporary dining with its innovative fusion of flavors. Combining traditional Balkan ingredients with international influences, To Je To crafts visually stunning dishes and bursting with flavors. Indulge in their imaginative seafood creations like the grilled octopus with saffron risotto or the aromatic Asian-inspired beef stir-fry. My favorite in this restaurant was the Pljeskavica. With every bite, you’ll be transported to a realm of gastronomic bliss that will leave you yearning for more. Apart from being a casual place, To Je To is one of the best restaurants in Belgrade.

3. Tri šešira – The Best Restaurant in Belgrade for traditional food

A Taste of Tradition: For a truly authentic Serbian dining experience, look no further than Tri šešira. Housed in a charming 19th-century building, this restaurant exudes old-world charm and pays homage to Serbian culinary traditions. Picture yourself surrounded by rustic wooden furniture while traditional music sets the mood for a memorable evening. Trust me, it will be A LOT of music! It feels like musicians are non-stop.

Tri šešira’s menu boasts various Serbian delicacies, from the savory kajmak and ajvar to the flavorful gibanica. Be sure to try their signature dish, the slow-cooked lamb under the bell, a true masterpiece that showcases the restaurant’s commitment to preserving Serbia’s culinary heritage.

4. Caruso – The best Restaurant in Belgrade with a view

Bruschette at Caruso, one of the best restaurants in Belgrade

Where Italian Flair Meets Serbian Passion: Caruso is the place to be if you’re craving a taste of Italy in the heart of Belgrade. This enchanting restaurant effortlessly marries Italian cuisine with Serbian warmth and passion. The menu features an exquisite selection of handmade pasta, wood-fired pizzas, and delectable seafood dishes. Treat yourself to their luscious truffle-infused risotto or mouthwatering ravioli, lovingly prepared with the freshest ingredients. With its cozy and romantic ambiance, Caruso sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience that will transport you to the streets of Rome while having one of the best views of Belgrade. Its menu and view are worth it and make it one of the best restaurants to eat in Belgrade.

5. Znak Pitanja – Best Restaurants in Belgrade with a history

At Znak Pitanja, every dish is an enigma waiting to be solved. This whimsical restaurant takes you on a culinary adventure, with each plate presenting a delightful surprise. With its ever-changing menu and inventive dishes, Znak Pitanja guarantees a dining experience. From the visually captivating presentation to the explosion of flavors, you’ll eagerly anticipate what the next course will bring.

To take you back in history, the name of this restaurant is still “?” because, being a cafana right in front of St. Michael’s Cathedral, the church wanted this to stop being named “the bar in front of the cathedral”. The “?” was a temporary name that had been there for more than 100 years. The restaurant has seen two world wars: the Balkans war in the 90s was established under Austro-Hungarian dominance and is still up after Yugoslavia’s fall. The food and all this history make it one of the best restaurants in Belgrade and one you just can’t miss.

Concluding with our best restaurants in Belgrade…

Belgrade’s restaurant scene is a haven for food lovers, and these five remarkable establishments – Zavičaj, To je to, Tri šešira, Caruso, and Znak Pitanja – offer a diverse range of culinary experiences. Whether you’re seeking traditional Serbian dishes or innovative fusions, these restaurants will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more. So, don’t wait any longer—plan your visit, book one of the best places to stay in Belgrade, and embark on a gastronomic adventure around the best restaurants in Belgrade that will make your heart sing and your belly rejoice!

Map with the Best Restaurants in Belgrade

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Discover the best restaurants in Belgrade, Serbia that you should not miss when you finally visit the city! Here you'll find some reasons to visit them!

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