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Serbia is not exactly a popular destination. Here I explore my trip and budget to Belgrade, Serbia and the things to do in Belgrade.

Belgrade, Serbia, a hidden gem often overlooked, completely captivated me as a dream destination. This incredible city, shaped by tumultuous historical events, including enduring over two decades of sieges and bombings, truly stands out as one of the most resilient places in the world.

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In this post, I want to emphasize how my appreciation for Serbia has deepened, especially after immersing myself in the wonders of Belgrade. I genuinely believe that Belgrade, Serbia, and the entire Balkan region should be on your travel bucket list. Let me guide you to the best experiences in Belgrade and provide valuable insights for those wondering Is Belgrade worth visiting?

So, if you’re looking for things to do in Belgrade, get ready to explore this captivating city like never before!

Where’s Belgrade, Serbia?

ubicación de Serbia y Belgrado en el mapa -

Belgrade, the vibrant capital of Serbia, is geographically blessed in the heart of the Balkans. While it may not have a glorious coastline, it makes up for it with the awe-inspiring Danube River cutting through its very core. Picture this: the mighty Danube merging with the enchanting Sava River in the city’s heart. This perfect fusion sets the stage for many incredible experiences and attractions. 

Exploring Beyond Belgrade

There are many other places to visit in Serbia. Places like Novi Sad, a mere hour away from Belgrade, and Nis and other charming towns contribute to the rich tapestry of Serbian experiences.

Traveling from the US to Belgrade, Serbia

Que ver en Belgrado, Serbia -

For those contemplating a visit, flying directly from New York or Chicago with Air Serbia proves to be the most convenient option. Keep an eye on platforms like Skyscanner for potential roundtrip deals, sometimes as low as $400. Once in Belgrade, consider expanding your journey with a day trip to Novi Sad or exploring neighboring Balkan countries like Albania and all the things to do in Tirana.

How Much Did I Spend to Fly to Belgrade, Serbia?

When I decided to fly to Belgrade, Serbia, I just had a flight to another destination canceled. I decided to look for another flight and Serbia came to mind as a possibility. I swear that I went to Skyscanner, and Expedia, and then finished at the airline to confirm that the price I was seeing was true:

San Juan to Belgrade - San Juan to Belgrade -

I paid $512.07 for a roundtrip from San Juan to Belgrade, Serbia. That was a great win already and one of the flights was with Air Serbia, which was a nice surprise for an airline. Then, I started to look for accommodation.

Accommodations in Belgrade

Que ver en Belgrado, Serbia -

Opting for budget-friendly accommodations, I scoured Booking and TripAdvisor for the best deals. Despite finding attractive prices, I leveraged my Avianca Lifemiles to slash hotel costs, minimizing my expenses. My stay at the Five Points City Hotel in Republic Square offered a central location. However, I would advise against it for those seeking comfort due to its small rooms and policy of charging extra for visitors. This hotel was not among the best hotels in Belgrade.

Travel Insurance and Recommendations:

Securing travel insurance is a wise move, and I opted for IATI with a coverage of 200,000€ on medical expenses for approximately $60. Another recommended option is Safetywing Travel Insurance, especially for long-term travelers.

Exploring Belgrade

Things to do in Belgrade

Instead of signing up for typical guided tours, I hired a local photographer through Airbnb Experiences to capture the spirit of Belgrade truly. It was an invaluable experience, especially since I was traveling alone. If you’re looking for more tips on things to do in Belgrade, check out platforms like Civitatis for additional insights.

Must-See Attractions in Belgrade

If you want to have the experience of visiting Belgrade, knowing what to see, which are the best restaurants in Belgrade, and what are those fun things to do in Belgrade is important. Here you have a map to find those things to do.

Republic Square – Trg Republike

Trg Republic - Que ver en Belgrado, Serbia - Things to do in Belgrade -

It is one of the main squares and the encounter spot in Belgrade. Among the things to do in the city, you will find the National Museum here and some bars you should visit.

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Knez Mihajlova Street

Knez Mihajlova - Que ver en Belgrado, Serbia -

The main walkable street in central Belgrade. You will find stores, restaurants, and all that magic you can find on any walkable street in any destination. This street is filled with things to do like restaurants, bars, and stores.

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Kalemegdan Fortress

Belgrado que ver en Serbia -

When you reach the end of Knez Mihajlova, you will find Kalemegdan Fortress, the main defense in the city to protect it from attacks and one of the main things to do in Belgrade that you can’t miss. You can find the Military Museum and bunkers in the fortress, among others.

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Saint Sava Cathedral

It is the world’s biggest Christian Orthodox chapel, and it’s still under construction. This is one of the main things to do in Belgrade. Its cupules and wings covered in gold are a dream. You can get in for free and buy a candle for only 150 dinars. 

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Nikola Tesla Museum

Museo de Nikola Tesla - Que ver en Belgrado, Serbia -

In this museum, you will find more of Tesla’s inventions. You will get to know many things about his life, and you can even be part of some of the experiments they test during the tour. It cost 800 dinars. ($8.00USD). This is one of the things to do in Belgrade.

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Belgrade River Cruise

As we mentioned since the first moment, what makes Belgrade special is the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers. A river cruise is one of the things to do and a great way to explore the city. From here you will have the city’s best views and know better how the rivers have been crucial in the city’s development. The cost of this tour is 1800 dinars (USD 18.00).

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Yugoslav Ministry of Defense

Ministerio de Defensa - Que ver en Belgrado, Serbia - Ministerio de Defensa - Que ver en Belgrado, Serbia -

In 1999, NATO bombed Belgrade due to the conflict in Kosovo. Some of the bombs reached the Yugoslav Ministry of Defense, and today, this building remains as it is after so many years. This is one of the things to do on Nemanjina and Knez Milosa streets.


On the other side of the city, you find Zemun, one of those things to do that you can’t miss. This place was important for the Austro-Hungary empire and where Belgrade was first attacked during World War I. Its streets still preserve the Austrian influence, and Gardos Tower is one thing to do in Belgrade.

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Museum of Yugoslavia – House of Flowers

Museo de Yugoslavia - Que ver en Belgrado, Serbia -

I must admit that the Museum of Yugoslavia was my favorite thing to do in Belgrade and something everyone should see when visiting the city. Here, you can better understand the history of the Former Yugoslavia and visit the mausoleum of Josip Broz Tito. With your Air Serbia Boarding Pass, you can get a discount on the entrance fee. The entrance price is 400 dinars (USD 4.00) and, with a discount, is 200 ($2.00).

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Skadarlija Street

Skadarilja - Que ver en Belgrado, Serbia -

Skadarlija is what is known as the bohemian side of the city. For some time, it was the spot where many artists lived. It is filled with bars, local restaurants, and many things to do if you visit someday. 

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Beton Hala

Beton Hala - Que ver en Belgrado, Serbia -

Beton Hala used to be a warehouse area on the riverside. Nowadays is a place filled with restaurants and bars with vibrant energy. It is recommended as one of the things to do in the city. 

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Genex Tower

Genex Tower - Que ver en Belgrado, Serbia -

The Western City Gate o Gennex Tower is a tower that was built during the communist age using a brutalist style that connects two towers with a structure on top that used to be a rotating restaurant. 

It was designed for housing and commercials, and we can say that it is ugly! The brutalist style and architecture are not characterized by lines or symmetry. This is one of the things to do if you visit because it is an example of the country’s architectural history.

Hotel Jugoslavija

Hotel Jugoslavija - Que ver en Belgrado, Serbia -

The Hotel Jugoslavija was built in 1969 as part of a government project. This hotel was so important at the moment that some of its guests were Queen Elizabeth and Tina Turner. This hotel also suffered from the NATO bombings in 1999, and one of its wings was destroyed. This hotel was closed during the ’00s and reopened in 2013 as part of an investment by a Greek group. It operates normally. This hotel has restaurants, bars, and a big casino. Behind this hotel, you can see the Danube River. This is one of the things you must do in Belgrade if you visit.

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Ada Ciganlija

Ada Ciganlija - Que ver en Belgrado, Serbia -

Every summer, this lake is filled so the city can enjoy it as its beach. It has famous beach bars and aquatic sports to do. This is recommended and one of the things to do in Belgrade if you visit in the Summer.

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St. Mark Chapel

Iglesia St. Mark - Que ver en Belgrado, Serbia -

Another Orthodox church that you need to see. The details and architecture of these chapels are must-see and one of the things to do in Belgrade.

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Tašmajdan Park

Tasmajdan Park and the St. Mark Chapel in the back

A serene escape in the city’s heart, Tašmajdan Park offers a peaceful retreat. Relax amidst greenery, visit the impressive St. Mark’s Church, and soak in the tranquility of this urban oasis.

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A street in Dorcol, Belgrade

A bohemian neighborhood with a laid-back vibe, Dorćol is known for its artistic spirit and eclectic charm. Explore its narrow streets, discover local art studios, and unwind in cozy cafes.

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Vračar District

The skyline of Vracar, Belgrade

Home to the striking Church of Saint Sava, Vračar exudes a peaceful ambiance. Stroll through the district, explore local markets, and appreciate the architectural beauty of this part of Belgrade.

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Belgrade Waterfront

The view of the buildings on the Belgrade Waterfront

Witness the modern transformation of Belgrade along the Sava River at Belgrade Waterfront. Explore contemporary architecture, dine in trendy restaurants, and enjoy the waterfront promenade.

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Nikola Pašić Square

Brenda sitting down at Nikola Pasic Square

A central square surrounded by significant buildings, Nikola Pašić Square, is a hub of activity. Admire the architecture, people-watch at a local cafe, and soak in the lively atmosphere.

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Budget Overview

Que ver en Belgrado, Serbia -

So far, I mentioned that planning cost me $588.07. I forgot to mention that on Airbnb Experience, it was about $30. So, up until now, I’ve spent a total of $618.07. To keep track of my expenses in Belgrade, I always noted down the cash I withdrew from ATMs or exchanged (including my card expenses). When I added up the costs for eating out, going on tours, enjoying some drinks, and exploring the things to do in Belgrade, it came to around $425. If we add the initial budget, I can proudly say I spent $1,043.07 in Serbia.

FAQ on Things to Do in Belgrade

Belgrade is best known for its unique blend of Eastern and Western European cultures. The city has a rich history, surviving various struggles and bombings. It is also renowned for its vibrant street art, hipster culture, and the lively atmosphere along the river.

To truly enjoy your time in Belgrade, I’d recommend dedicating approximately 3 to 4 days to soak up all the awesomeness this city offers. Within this timeframe, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to uncover Belgrade’s fascinating history, devour some mouthwatering local dishes, party until dawn, and explore the must-see attractions. Trust me, there’s no shortage of incredible things to do in Belgrade!

Yes, Belgrade is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere towards tourists. The city is generally safe, and visitors can comfortably explore its streets, use public transportation, and enjoy the various attractions. Using common sense and, if needed, having Serbia travel insurance can enhance the overall safety and comfort of the visit.

Final Thoughts on Belgrade

I can conclude that, unlike other destinations, Belgrade is a cheap city with a cosmopolitan vibe, and I believe everyone should visit it at least once. From its rich history and vibrant culture to its lively nightlife and delicious cuisine, Belgrade has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore this hidden destination gem. Pack your bags, book your ticket, and immerse yourself in everything Belgrade has to offer. Share this blog post on your favorite social media platform to inspire fellow travelers to embark on their unforgettable Belgrade adventure. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

If you want to see more videos and information about Belgrade, you can visit my Instagram profile!

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Serbia is not exactly a popular destination. Here I explore my trip and budget to Belgrade, Serbia and the things to do in Belgrade.

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