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These are some of Travel Bloggers' favorite street food from around the world.

When I travel one of the things I like to do the most is trying street food. Kiosks and food trucks are some of my biggest obsessions when I visit a new place. I decided to ask to other Travel Bloggers about their favorite street food from around the world that they have tried on the road. These were the dishes we all loved the most!

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Kebab – Beirut Kebab, Oslo Norway

Beirut Kebab, Oslo, Norway -

This Kebab from Beirut Kebab in Oslo is my favorite Kebab in the world. You must consider that first of all, Oslo is one of the most expensive cities in the world. You get this delicious huge kebab with a soft drink for 85kr($10… a gift considering you are in Oslo!) Definitely, this is the spot I always need to go back when I am exploring all those top things to do in Oslo, and it have been one of my favorite street food from around the world.


Malwa – Uganda – Leslie @ The Real Uganda

Malwa - Uganda - Leslie @ Realuganda


Malwa - Uganda - Leslie @ Realuganda


My favourite street from around the world, mostly because it’s really obscure for travellers, but a favourite among locals in Uganda is a shared drink. Malwa is made from fermented sorghum and hot water, and can be found on any back road in central and eastern Uganda. It’s mixed into a local clay pot and drunk through straws by any number of (usually) men stopping by. The straws have a filter so you don’t suck up the silty sorghum. It’s meant to stay in the pot and continue fermenting.

When the liquid volume runs low, more hot water is poured in. Guys can (and do!) literally sit and socialize for DAYS around the malwa pot. It’s a great small business (predominantly for women), and since it’s made from sorghum, it’s actually quite filling for the drinkers. The buzz is light and sustaining.

As a foreigner – I gotta admit, its tastes totally gross. Just like warm white wine mixed with beer. But the conversation is great and everyone is welcome!

Bangers and Bacon – Manchester, UK – Leasha @

Bangers and Bacon - Manchester, UK - Leasha @

Bangers and Bacon is what you would expect from a British Street Food Restaurant, hearty British produce with a twist. The menu changes season to season but the staples of a fine dining street food from around the world experience stay the same year round. Ran by creative chef Richard Brown and sausage expert James Taylor the northern powerhouses create tasty, naughty food that will make your mouth drool as soon as you step in the door. Expect a mix of English classics like bangers and mash alongside the crowd favourite and Chef inspired The Cubano. If you ever make it further north than London when heading to the UK (which you most definitely should), make sure you stop by!

Gyros – Greece – Noemi @

Gyros - Greece - Noemi @

A trip to Greece is not complete without trying their famous street food called gyros which you can find in just about any corner in any city that you visit in this country. Gyros is grilled meat which can either be chicken, beef or pork wrapped in a flatbread with fries, tomato, onion and tzatziki sauce. You can eat this as a snack or a proper meal but I do prefer eating it after a night of drinking, sobers you right up. Doesn’t this one make the best street food from around the world?

Banh Mi – Vietnam – Hannah & Adam @ Getting Stamped

Banh Mi - Vietnam - Hannah & Adam @ Getting Stamped

Some of the best street food can be found in Asia and one of my personal favorite street food from around the world is the Vietnamese Banh Mi. At typical Banh mi starts with crispy tasty french style baguette topped with cold cuts typically pork, liver pate, egg, head cheese, mayo, cilantro, cucumber, pickled carrots, and other local veggies. Banh Mi can be found all over Vietnam but I think they are the best in Hoi An. If you’re looking for things to do in Hoi An go on a banh mi crawl, tons of street carts throughout Hoi An serving up these tasty sandwiches. Also, another thing you can do is the Hanoi Food Tour to get a better idea of the tastes to try. Make sure to wash down a banh mi with some local home-brewed beers for 10 cents a pint, that’s right 10 cents a pint. Where else in the world can you get an entire meal for only $1?

Street Food From Around The World: Final Thoughts

There are plenty of other dishes that make part of that universe that is the street food from around the world that are not part of this list. This is a great way to start and to start discovering which could be some of the experiences you can find when trying street food from around the world.

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These are some of Travel Bloggers' favorite street food from around the world.

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