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This is my experience at my first TBEX and why I think every Travel Blogger should attend once.

Now I can officially say I survived my first TBEX. As I previously explained, I planned to attend a year ago. I actually did not know what to expect almost until I was in the plane on my way to Stockholm that it was when I read the tips from former TBEXers. Once in Stockholm, I was not sure what to expect when I received the welcome pack from the Visit Stockholm representatives. It was when I started to see all the activities and I got a grip on the schedule.

I want to show a little about the way I lived TBEX and why every Travel Blogger should attend once.


TBEX: Art in the Subway Pretour - TBEX: Sodermalm Culinary Tour

Yes, I had the chance to luckily attend two Pre Tours: The Art in the Subway one and the Södermalm Culinary Tour. I couldn’t have chosen better. The great thing about Pre Tours, besides what you learn from them, is the fact that you start to bond with fellow travel bloggers. You start to talk with people from all over the world and actually, you start to identify that people with whom you actually, end up becoming friends and is when you begin to swap business cards.


TBEX: Travel Massive Party

This is fundamental and important. Even though you will be meeting people all over the event, parties are such a great and relax moment. Socializing, exchanging contacts is one of the main purposes of this event, and yeah, over a drink or a meal you will be able to make very valuable contacts.

Breakout Sessions:

TBEX: Breakout Sessions -

I wish I had attended more of these. In fact, I am jealous of couple bloggers since they can split and attend to different each. I attended two of the sessions, and I learned so much from the speakers and the travel blogging world. If you ever attend a TBEX, be prepared to learn, and do not be scared to ask as many questions as come to mind.


I haven’t stopped to say this: Thank you Lola! The keynotes are there to make you question if in fact, you are in the right path by being a Travel Blogger. Lola made us think about transitions, and how do we actually see transitions as travel bloggers. If you have read me in these months, you should know that I am a bit unfocused. I must say that Lola’s keynote was exactly what I was needing to get back on track.

If you are considering to attend a TBEX, don’t miss your Keynotes since they actually can change your lives. Once again, THANK YOU Lola!

Post Trips:


I am glad that I had the chance to go to a Post Trip to Norrköping, but that is a story of itself I will be telling you soon. TBEX hosts, in this case Visit Stockholm and Visit Sweden delighted their attendees with trips. I was able to go to this Post Trip and learn so much about somewhere different than Stockholm. These trips will give you experiences worth of a story and a new place to discover. This is in fact another reason why you should attend a TBEX.


Es una pregunta muy dificil -

“Networking” must be one of the most mentioned words while attending the TBEX. The others might be “Niche” and that tricky question for many of us: “What do you blog about?” You must prepare your TBEX game for this moment. Even though I had mine ready, these questions were always a challenge.

You should have a pitch or a general idea of what do you want the brands and fellow bloggers to know about your blog. From that idea, you can actually adapt the way you approach your Speed Networking appointments and also, the other companies you might approach while being there.

Even though answering “What do you blog about?” is always a challenge, show people how passionate you are about what you are actually writing and try to identify something that makes your blog unique. I thought bilingualism was my toughest card, what do you think is yours?

The Friends You Will Make:

TBEX: With Maggie from -

With Maggie from

Before going to TBEX, I did not know I would make so many friends. I already knew Olga María and Gabby, who became one of my housemates during these days. If I start to mention all the new friends, invitations and amazing people I have met during these days I might not finish this post never. Just to mention a few: my other amazing housemates Maggie, Natasha, Marissa, and Alison; Fanny and Denis, Michael, Menorca, Henar and so many others with whom I got to share a meal, a drink or a conversation. I was so satisfied because in many cases, I got to know the face behind of many of my readings. You will notice once you get to TBEX how exciting is to finally get to know the people you usually read.

Another thing I have already mention: Do not be scared to share accommodations with fellow travel bloggers! I am pretty sure that my housemates and I agree that it was a great choice to share that flat. The feeling of going back home and exchange ideas was great. This is definitely something I would recommend to anyone attending their first (or any) TBEX.

As you might see, these are my general impressions about my first TBEX experience. I hope that with this text I can actually motivate other bloggers to live their own TBEX.

Have you ever attended TBEX? How would you describe your experience?

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  • August 13, 2016

    Great post. Sharing a flat was a great idea, sleeping below me was probably not. I’m still shocked we made it out of that uninjured 😉 ! Thanks for the shout out. It was great meeting you. Can’t wait til we cross paths again (Orlando soon?)

  • August 13, 2016

    I have never attended such conference nor do I think I will any soon – I am not sure yet in what direction will I lead my blog nor what kind of brands would I work with, if any at all – I am not attracted by comped stays, tours, nor free restaurant food and drinks, so that´s not what I´m looking for. I am only sure about being passionate about writing and I think I´ll figure out the rest on the road. my blog is still a small baby after all…enjoyed reading your article though! 🙂


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