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After a month living in Catalonia, I’ve had the chance to visit and see a few towns beyond Barcelona and Girona. If you are following my Instagram account, maybe you have seen a little. I decided to summarize a little bit what I have seen, so you guys have a better reference on things to do around. These are my tips and the towns I believe you should definitely see once in your life.


Most definitely if you’re coming to this region, you will arrive to BCN airport, since is the biggest in the region. What should you see in Barcelona? Everyone will say that the first thing to see is Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia. Maybe they are right, maybe they are not.

This is my best tip: Find a free tour in the city. The other day I did the Donkey Tours free tour and I totally loved it. Most definitely, they will take you around the best landmarks in the city, but also, they will show you other alternatives and this makes it even more interesting.

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Santa Pau

Santa Pau is a small town located in the mountains. The best thing about it is its medieval aspect and how easy is to walk around it. The landscapes, the view and everything about this town will make you fall in love with it. To get there, you will need to go in bus and it is recommended mostly for a day trip.

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A town with a lot of Roman influence. I fell in love with the bridge at this town is a perfect place to go for a day trip and to get to see amazing views. The north of Catalonia is filled with amazing views you definitely need to see. Besalú is not an exception to this rule. I heard that this is an important stop for those who travel around the region on bike.

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Lloret de Mar

Lloret is an amazing location if you’re looking for beach and fun. Is surrounded by many night clubs, casinos and hotels that will make your holiday a lot more fun. I have to be sincere: If you’re looking for sightseen or history, Lloret is not exactly the best place to go. Even though it has a lot of beautiful nature, Lloret is a place to go if you want to have fun. I definitely recommend to visit its restaurants and maybe, to sleepover for a night so you can explore a little bit more of its night life.

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What can I say about the city I’m living in? That even though many people say that it can be dead sometimes, theres always something to do. Are you a culture person? Girona is surrounded with different activities for cultural interests such as plays, music concerts, exhibitions among others. The best restaurant in the world is located in this region: El Celler de Can Roca. For those interested on trying new food, this is also a great place to visit.

Are you a Games of Thrones fan? Many of the scenes have been filmed in this city. While you’re exploring the city you might recognize some of the settings of your favorite series. The other great thing about Girona is that is just a 38 minutes train ride from Barcelona. You can definitely come for a day trip or sleep over to have the chance to get to know a little more.

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