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Before moving from Puerto Rico to Spain I had a goal clear: I need to keep on posting for the blog twice a week as I’ve been doing. A post in Spanish and a post in English. The first week in Spain I was able to achieve it. I thought I had this completely controlled. Then the semester begun…

Consistency is the key.

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How many times haven’t we read that phrase? How many times have we wanted to be consistent? But then life happens. I feel blessed my blog have been a way of people getting to know me. I must say that somehow, the work on my blog have helped me to earn a spot on the Cultural Tourism Masters I am studying right now. Isn’t that exciting enough to keep on writing? In fact it should be, but relocating is changing your life 180 degrees, and there are things that will never be the way we want.

Study is always a “cut both ways” issue. Definitely when I am studying, I write the most. The problem is that when you get used to the academic writing chip, coming back to a more casual/bloggers voice can be a nightmare. That’s exactly my story.

Academic writing vs. Blogging voice


As the semester has developed (it will be almost 2 months here!) work has definitely increased. I write a lot using my Spanish academic voice. That is the reason why is SO IMPORTANT to be consistent writing here. I cannot get into a loop on which I don’t even use English, or that I come here only to write in Spanish. I need to be able to keep on writing about the way I feel toward traveling. Also, I think that one of my missions now is to educate others on what is it like to be an expat.

Recognizing my bloggers voice, my writing focus, the way I travel and my priorities have changed when I moved has been a huge challenge. I am even thinking that it has re branded entirely my blog because even the way I see traveling now is completely different from how it was in the Summer.

Having that in mind that I can actually help to overcome this “writing block” I have been facing since I arrived in Spain. My queue is filled with many things I must be posting (including collabs and I apologize to all who have contributed!) but I am not sure yet about how to this.

I guess this is a process and I am just finding myself. f there’s something I am sure about is that definitely, I want to keep on blogging and that I will keep on working my butt out to have awesome content.

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  • November 20, 2016

    Oh my goodness, I absolutely struggle with blog writing versus academic writing! Keep working on it, you will definitely find your voice 🙂

  • Veronica

    November 27, 2016

    Honestly, if I was doing any type of academic studies,I would not be willing to take a pen and do any extra writing. Deep down I’m a writer who had done lots of published writing in my younger years, but someone need great motivation to do anymore. Do not force yourself and do not give it up. Try doing it as part of a meditation practice.


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