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Liebster-Award-LogoI have to thank Svenja from the Travel-Blog-Repeat for nominating me to the Liebster Award.

The Liebster Award consist of a set of eleven questions given to upcoming bloggers by fellow bloggers. Each nominee then comes up with their own eleven questions and nominates some more bloggers, thus helping build an audience.



These are my answers:

1. When did you decide to start blogging and why?

I decided to start blogging almost two years ago. I was told by one of my professors in college that Travel Chronicles was a genre that I should work on and I realized that she was totally right. I love to travel and I love writing a lot, so it was a great combination.

2. Do you have any favorite places you keep returning to?

There are three places that I had to go back to: Baku, Azerbaijan, Oslo, Norway and Stockholm, Sweden. There is a certain magic in those three cities that I can keep on going to the same places many times and never get bored of them.

3. Have you ever drastically changed a trip, e.g. cancelled your return flight and stayed, booked a  flight leaving the very next day immediately after arrival, drove past your destination because you sudddenly changed your mind, …?

My most recent trip was kind of chaotic because until the last minute I did not have clear what I was going to do. My original plan was going from San Juan to Ljubljana and from Ljubljana I was supposed to go to Copenhagen. I didn’t reserve my ticket to Copenhagen in advanced so when I was looking for options, it was already too expensive. There was a cheap option that consisted on going to Belgrade for a day and I was willing to do that, but four days before flying to Ljubljana I had a car accident and decided to plan once I was there, because I didnt knew how hurt I was going to feel once I got to Ljubljana.

At then end, I ended up traveling by bus to Italy and never got to Copenhagen. It was an amazing choice.

4. Do you usually travel solo or with someone else?

I usually travel by myself and meet people along the way.

5. Carry-on only or with checked luggage?

It depends on the kind of trip. If I stay at someones houses, I admit I check my luggage.

6. What is your favorite kind of accommodation – hotel, hostel, bed & breakfast, …?

I love hostels, to couchsurf and AirBnb.

7. How do you stay fit while traveling?

I guess that it happens naturally. When travelling you’re constantly moving and that helps you out. And to drink a lot of water.

8. What do you enjoy besides traveling and blogging?

Another thing I enjoy and blog about are volleyball and literature. Definitely, I have learned how to mix up all my passions.

9. What is your favorite book and why?

This is always a real hard question since I have so many favorite books. If we talk about classics, definitely it would be Anna Karenina by Lev Tolstoy and The Seven Madmen by Roberto Arlt.

10. Cats or dogs?


11. Is there anything else you would like to share with your readers?

I am pretty thankful of having some faithful readers and I hope to keep o bringing things that all of you guys can enjoy.

This is my new set of eleven questions for the nominees:

  1. Travelling on Summer or Winter?
  2. The most special destination you have ever been in and why do you consider it like that.
  3. Do you prefer city, beach or countryside?
  4. What else do you enjoy besides blogging?
  5. Have you ever got sick while traveling?
  6. Have you ever feared about something while traveling?
  7. When travelling, what is the first thing you do in order to save money?
  8. Have you ever met with a fellow blogger while traveling?
  9. What do you think about “travel flings”?
  10. Have you ever had a “travel fling” of your own?
  11. Anything else you would like to add for your readers?



  1. Accept the nomination and answer the questions of the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Think of 11 new questions yourself.
  3. Nominate bloggers you would like to answer your questions.
  4. They write an article about this nomination on their blog and link back to the website of their nominator.
  5. Please remember to tag your nominator again when you share your article on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, so they can read your Liebster Award blog post.



Want to be nominated? Leave a comment with your blog and I will be more than glad to nominate you!

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