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WHERE TO? 12 destinations for every months!

Trying to find the perfect location to travel could be a huge struggle for many who are definitely wanting to travel but have a specific budget. For others that have already a specific destinations chosen, finding the best time in the year to visit it can be also a pain.

I decided to ask some of my favorite travel bloggers for their favorite destinations on specific months of the year. We have all decided on our favorites destinations and which ones we think is our favorite month to visit.


Goa, India

Jo from WanderWithJo.com

Jo from http://wanderwithjo.com/January is the best time to visit Goa. The weather is warm and nice – no rains and clean beaches at this time of the year. It also helps to go after December to avoid the maddening peak season rush. Goa can get pretty hectic during Xmas/ New year. Another reason you should avoid totally off season is because of the rains and well the best clubs (like Club Cubana) are closed during off season. So if you want to enjoy some great beach parties, fun in the sun and maybe some nifty festivals/ events – head to Goa in January for a splendid time.





Los Angeles, California, USA

Vik from IamVagabond.com

Photo from IamVagabond.comKnown for the iconic Hollywood sign and “Walk of Fame” Street, city of Los Angeles has a lot more to offer than just being the movie capital of the world.

Especially in February if you are trying to escape the cold you will appreciate it’s warm climate and some of the most famous beaches.

Of course you can never go wrong with DisneyLand or cater to your artistic side by visiting Getty Museum, Walt Disney Concert Hall or incorporate some science and learning at Griffith Observatory.


Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku, AzerbaijanNo doubt Baku is one of my favorite cities. A reason why I would say March is definitely the month to visit Azerbaijan is because of the Novruz celebration. Novruz for the azeris is the celebration of the beginning of the Spring. People get together with their families to eat and drink tea to celebrate this and it doesn’t matter where exactly you are in the city you can see the fireworks.

The weather is windy during this month but pretty nice to be out. Baku is a city with an amazing combination with the modernity and the ancient structures in Old Baku. The architecture is one of the finest in the world. The food, the cafés, the traditions are among the things you definitely cannot miss while visiting this city. There is so much to explore if you get to visit this city.


Washington, DC, USA

Washington DCThe only reason I would say Washington on April is because Cherry Blossoms! April is the month when the Spring gets to shine, and Washington DC is definitely the city to experience it. Is amazing to watch the sunrise from the Jefferson Memorial, or walking inside an amazing café, or just visiting museums for the sake that they are free. If there is a perfect month to see the city (and when flights not tend to be that expensive) is definitely March!


Orlando, Florida, USA

Orlando, FlThe theme parks are always one of the favorite attractions of many. Visiting Orlando in peak seasons such as December or later in the Summer will result in making neverending lines for any ride you’ll like to go. May also has a nice temperature to enjoy outdoor activities, but since Summer has not really started in the USA, the parks are not yet packed. Waiting time in most of the rides will range from 5-10 minutes.

Besides the theme parks, Orlando has also great ethnic restaurants that you must try. Brazilian buffets and Puerto Rican bakeries are a good sample of food you will find either in Brazil or Puerto Rico if you’re not able to visit them.


Nova Scotia, Canada

Olga María from DreamsInHeels.com

Nova Scota, CanadaA great destination to visit during the summer months is the East Side of Canada. If you are a foodie or simply a nature lover, I will recommend making a stop in Nova Scotia and here are the reasons why!

Canada’s scenic maritime province Nova Scotia is so incredibly picturesque that almost anywhere you are you can snap a striking photo. Situated on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Nova Scotia proves to be one of the best places to eat seafood, specifically its world renowned lobster. Their lobster is so naturally delicious that it’s best when prepared in a simple way. The traditional method is to cook lobster in a big pot of boiling saltwater, fresh from the ocean. You can eat it hot or cold with melted butter, and lemon wedges are a must. Nova Scotia has the tastiest and freshest lobster ever. There is a famous saying there that, “If you haven’t eaten Nova Scotia lobster in Nova Scotia, then you haven’t really eaten lobster.”

Well, after trying a delectable lobster dish I agree with this notion! The rustic Liscombe Lodge located in the eastern shore of Nova Scotia boasts a both delicious and fun way to eat lobster with its cook, crack and eat program. Here they let you pick, cook and then they teach you how to properly crack the lobster.

If you are not a lobster fan, who isn’t! You can also try their famous fresh maple syrup planked salmon. To end your experience, you must try their traditional Canadian Blueberry Pie. They also have crumbled apple pie and other different fruit custard pies that will make you want more. If you have not tried any of these tasty foods, your Nova Scotian experience was incomplete.



Samantha from Expat and the City

Samantha at JamaicaThere are a million reasons why I love Jamaica. And there are a billion reasons why it should be number one as your next travel destination! I’ve been to Jamaica four times; two of those times were in my adult years. But I can totally recount the days when I was a little girl… playing in the sand and getting my hair braided on the beach (ouch – I can still feel the tugging!). Jamaica is like no other place I’ve been before.

The people are so friendly and always smiling. The atmosphere is so chill and relaxed, which is very different from the hustle and bustle I am used to in the city. TIP: Don’t wear a watch, cause you’re on island time, baby! I would say my favourite part of JA is Negril – with its famous 7 Mile Beach and popular tourist locale: Rick’s Café. If you’re feeling daring, take a leap of faith (literally) into the cool waters by doing a cliff jump!

Feel like checking another item off the bucket list? Make sure to go to Ocho Rios and climb Dunn’s River Falls! Hungry at 3 a.m.? No problem, mon! The jerk chicken stalls on the sideof the road have got you covered! Speaking of food, Jamaica has some delicious dishes. From the scrumptious jerk chicken (or pork), curry and roti, and my fave – Jamaican patties!! And of course, I’m saving the best for last: THE BEACH. Jamaica has some of the most beautiful white sand beaches I have ever seen! 7 Mile Beach is my go-to spot with hotels, nightclubs and bars lining the shore! I can’t wait to return to my favourite island, lounge under a palm tree with my Red Stripe beer, and listen to some Bob Marley all day! Check it out for yourself, because “once you go, you know!”


Miami, Fl

Miami Ink, MiamiAs a former Miami resident, I believe this is one of the best months to experience the city. First of all, because is not that expensive to get there from almost anywhere. Even though you’re always told that Miami is always hot, I am here to warn you that it is a trap! On Winter months, weather can be too cold if you’re looking forward to wear a swimsuit.

If you’re wondering what else to do besides hitting the beach, I will say that definitely the art scene in Wynwood, the museums in downtown, the Vizcaya Palace, the boat tour around the famous people houses, a walk around Coconut Grove, sipping a café cubano in Little Havana, and definitely, you need to walk by Miracle Mile in Coral Gables, where you can find amazing restaurants, cinemas and there are always different restaurants to try!

Even though I have a love/hate relationship with this city, I recommend to visit it some time!


Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, SloveniaThe hidden gem from eastern Europe. Ljubljana is a small city with a huge heart. It has the spirit of a small city even though is a capital city. Is architecture is something that you need to see and experience at least once in a lifetime. Its castles and amazing views are incredible.

Another thing you need to try and experience in Slovenia is the food. The Slovenian pizza is something you need to try, because, even though the big old debate about the pizza shouldn’t be eaten anywhere but in Italy the Slovenian pizza has an enchantment of its own.

Another thing you need to try in Slovenia are the schnapps, the Slovenian shot that its definitely a special thing.

September is a month where tickets are cheap and that is not that hot, not that cold. That is why I would totally recommend visiting it in September.


Perugia, Italy

Perugia, ItalyPerugia is a small underrated city right in the middle of Italy. It is common for many people to go and study there, so even though is a quite and relax city, it has a vibrant foreigner population. The Umbria region is something you should see on any season, but the weather and going to Italy in a season when there are less tourists is totally recommended if you’re visiting other towns in the country.

In Perugia you can do something like visiting the Museums, going to student bars, try the Umbrian cuisine and my favorite: visiting the Perugina chocolate factory. Perugia is a chocolate town and trying all the kinds of typical chocolate is something you should do.

While traveling to Italy, do not forget to go pass by Perugia. Its amazing vibe and its warm people will make you fall in love with the city


Stockholm, Sweden

1450864_10151848647068460_436231298_nStockholm is my favorite city in the world, I guess you’ve all have already guessed it. Is multicultural, have great food, restaurants, bar scene, shopping, history, and sightseen everything in just one place. As I have already mentioned, my favorite café Chokkladkopen is located there.

Stockholm is an amazing city to walk by, too visit its museum and to shop. Even though is an expensive city, is always possible to find things to do in a budget. Something that is impossible to miss while in Stockholm is definitely the Abba Museum. If you’re a Pop Music lover, that is something you need to see while visiting this city.

Don’t miss the chance to get to visit this city!


Dubai, UAE

Cristina from CF Personal Shopping

Heritage VillageOn December you can be sure that Christmas is in the air, and there’s another thing you can be sure of: that the best season for visiting Dubai has just started.
This obviously is true because of the weather. It is going to be just amazing, 25C and sunny weather all the time, that makes the perfect part of the year  for going to the seaside as well as for making great excursions.
Beside that, if you are lucky enough you are going not to see the gulf’s mist never a time during you stay. Dubai can be just amazing in December – and  all the following “winter” months, of course!
Don’t miss a walk in the Marina district, a visit to the Dubai Museum and Heritage village in Bur Dubai, the show of the Fountain near Dubai Mall and a cruise on the Creek at dawn, enjoying  some perfect moments in  the beauty of great places, always living in the perfect summer breeze!

WHERE TO? 12 destinations for every months!

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