Girona: 6 Things To Do Around The City

Just a little of the amazing things you can so in a city like Girona.

As a traveler, it has always been a little hard to see the cities I live in the same way as a tourist does. I just moved to Girona, Spain five months ago and I definitely had to write about it and tell which are the best things to do around the city, but, I must admit it: I am totally procrastinating because “I live here.”

A few weeks ago I decided to go out for a walk with my camera and start to identify what the tourists that visit Girona should see from my eyes. These were the essential things I came up with after walking around the city.

The Bridges

Bridges - Girona - Traveleira.com

One of the most beautiful things to see in Girona are the bridges and the houses around the Onyar river. The best thing about it? You can do that for free!

Girona, Spain - Traveleira.com

Want to know more about the bridges and the Onyar River? Check it out here!

La Rambla

If you have been at La Rambla in Barcelona take that idea off your mind for a second. Girona’s Barri Vell (old town) is a lot more smaller than Barcelona’s Ciutat Vella, so is La Rambla. In La Rambla, Girona you will find a lot of amazing cafés and shops and a lot less crowd than in Barcelona. Having a crepe or a coffee around that area is a must when you visit.

Check more about La Rambla here.

Passeig de la Muralla

Vista desde la Muralla- Girona, España - Traveleira.com

View of the city from the wall

The best way to see the city from a panoramic view is taking the wall’s passageway. During Medieval Times, Girona used to be a threaten city by many groups and that is why the wall was built. There are two easy ways you can access the wall: right behind the Cathedral you can find the stairs or the other is crossing the street from Plaça Catalunya to Barri Vell.

Muralla de Girona - Traveleira.com

La Muralla from the Plaça Catalunya entrance

Check more about El Passeig de la Muralla here.

Call Jueu, Jewish Museum and Banys Arabs

Call Jueu / Jewish Quarter - Girona, Spain - Traveleira.com

Something pretty peculiar about many Spanish cities are their little Jewish Quarters and how much history you can find in a few blocks. That’s the case of Girona’s Jewish Quarter. In theses streets you can find the Jewish Center and also the Jewish History Museum in the city. Those are a few activities you should consider while visiting the city.

Jewish Museum / Museo Judío - Girona, Spain - Traveleira.com

Jewish Museum

Centro Judío / Jewish Center - Girona, Spain - Traveleira.com

Check more about the Jewish Quarter here.

Baños Arabes / Arab Baths - Girona, Spain - Traveleira.com

Arab Baths

Another thing to see in the city are the Arab Baths. These were built in orders of King Alfons I and you can get a grasp on the Roman and Arabic influences inside the building.

The ticket to get in costs 2€ and there are many tours that includes it as a regular part of their program.

Get more information about the Arab Baths here.

The Cathedral

Girona Cathedral - Girona, Spain - Traveleira.com

If you watch Games of Thrones regularly you might recognize it. Season 6 of Games of Thrones was filmed in the city. The Cathedral is definitely a must see when you visit the city. You can see it from outside or pay the 7€ entrance to see the amazing gothic architecture from inside. Definitely, is totally worth seeing.

Check more about the Girona Cathedral here.

The Museums

Museo de Historia de Girona - Girona, Spain - Traveleira.com

History Museum

Not a lot to add about this tip. Girona have some amazing museums worth seeing. Its Art Museum, History Museum and Archaeology museum are some of the must. The city also has a Cinema Museum that is totally worth seeing. If you’re visiting for a day trip, choose which one appeals you the most and enjoy.

Another great option is to visit CaixaForum. They have a permanent collection and some temporary expositions that are always worth seeing and the entrance is for free. Don’t miss the chance to see great art!

Art Museum - Girona, Spain - Traveleira.com

Art Museum

Check more about Museums in Girona here.

Where to eat/drink?

I must admit it: As a current resident of the city, I don’t go out as often as if I was just visiting. I decided to include some of the options I would do if I go out and which I have really enjoyed.

The River

This has become my favorite bar to visit with friends for a drink and some tapas. They have a really good variety of craft beers. My favorite is one from a Barcelona brewery called El Clot.

You can check more about The River here.

Can Roca

When referring to El Celler de Can Roca, Chloe from Journey with Chloe used an amazing quote mentioning that is the world’s second-best sell-your-kidney-to-pay-for-a-meal-kinda restaurant and in fact, that is the exact same reason why I suggest visiting the original Can Roca. You can still have some of the Roca’s brother magic and essence without ruining your budget. This was the restaurant started by their parents.

You can check a little more about Can Roca here.

La Fábrica

One of the trendiest and hippiest spots in Girona. It is perfect for going on weekends for brunch or late at night to have a beer. I totally recommend it!

Check more about La Fábrica here.


When it comes to restaurants around the city, this is my favorite hands down. The menu is not pricey at all (20€ for a three course meal), the portions are good and the food is really good. As you might see, I’m not the best fine dining expert, although I truly enjoy eating.

Check more about Duplex here.

Café Context Llibrería

If you love the fusion among literature and food as much as I do, this is definitely your option. It doesn’t matter if you go to eat or just to have a drink, you will love the vibe in this spot.

Want to know more about Café Context? Check it out here!

Don’t forget!

Cul de la Lleona - Girona, Spain - Traveleira.com

If you visit Girona, you must kiss the lion’s butt before leaving to make sure you will come again.

Want to know a little more about this? Click here.

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Just a little of the amazing things you can so in a city like Girona.


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